Best moments of San Diego Padres’ 2020 season

Mandatory Credit: Orlando Ramirez-USA TODAY Sports

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Mandatory Credit: Orlando Ramirez-USA TODAY Sports

A look back at the best moments of the San Diego Padres’ 2020 season. 

The San Diego Padres set a franchise record for winning percentage with their 37-23 record in 2020.

Even though there were only 60 games, there were several memorable moments throughout the season.

Here are the favorite moments from the East Village Times staff:

Kevin Modafferi (@KevinModafferi)

Fernando Tatis Jr.‘s grandslam in Texas. 

It jump-started this team into becoming one of the best in baseball. 

Jason Freund (@jasonfreund_)

My favorite moment of the Padres season was when Fernando Tatis Jr. hit the grand slam against the Texas Rangers on a 3-0 count.

It showed that this was a new San Diego Padres team. This wasn’t a team that was going to cower in fear of other teams or blindly follow the unwritten rules of baseball. They were going to set fire to the unwritten rules and play with passion while gladly celebrating big moments, tossing the opposing teams’ feelings to the wind. 

Dominic Stearn (@dmstearn19)

The Manny Machado walk-off grand slam against the Texas Rangers.

Not only did this home run keep the grand slam streak alive, but this is also when Manny Machado started to roll. His struggles were well documented by Padres and baseball fans. Coming into this game, Machado was hitting .213 with a .736 OPS. He finished the season with a .304 AVG and a .950 OPS. When Machado got hot, so did the Padres. 

Diane Calkins (@dimacfan)

The final home run for Slam Diego off the bat of Eric Hosmer.

It showed the Padres had arrived. 

Evan Anderson (@EvanOfficial_)

Eric Hosmer’s grand slam was my favorite moment. 

It created a wild piece of history and birthed Slam Diego.

Alex Yeargan (@PadresAlex)

Mine was Trent Grisham’s home run and stare off Clayton Kershaw.

That game let the Dodgers know the Padres are for real and won’t be going away anytime soon. 

Bobby Murphy (@bobbymurphy2000)

Both of Tatis Jr. home runs on October 1– NLDS Game 2 vs. the Cardinals

This was my favorite moment because it was the biggest Padre game I’ve ever seen in my lifetime, and Tatis Jr. took the moment and ran away with it. His first home run started our comeback, and his bat flip after his second one was insane. This is the October baseball I’ve been waiting my whole life for. 

Nick Lee (@NickLee51)

Tatis’ 2nd HR in the WC series was my favorite moment. 

It pinned Tatis Jr. as a legend with his bat flip and helped the Padres finally beat the Cardinals in the playoffs. 

Chris Spiering (@ChrisSpiering)

My favorite moment of the Padres season was beating the Cardinals in game 3 of the Wild Card Round.

Not only did San Diego wait 14 years to make the playoffs, they defeated the last team to beat them in the postseason, the St. Louis Cardinals.

What was your favorite Padres moment in 2020? 

Let us know with some comments below.

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