Are the Fleet San Diego’s Cure for PTFS (Post Traumatic Football Syndrome)?

Credit: AAF

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Credit: San Diego Fleet

With that other football team playing up north, it is time for San Diegans to come out and support a new league and a new football squad; The San Diego Fleet.

There is no getting around it. America’s Finest City has a major void to be filled. No, I’m not talking carne asada consumption. That void is continuously being filled. It’s why the California Burrito was invented here. I’m talking football.

It was an ugly divorce, but we did get to keep the house. And while time might heal all wounds, this is a football town and we need our football. So what better way to fill that void after Sunday’s big game then to embrace the city’s new team.

Something that should excite every football fan in San Diego is the quality of personnel surrounding this team, even in its infancy. The staff is laden with former NFL players, most of whom had high levels of success. All-Pros, Pro Bowlers and Super Bowl Champions are all over the Fleet’s coaching staff. When putting together their staff they took the old adage “you are only as good as the company you keep” pretty seriously.

The Fleet boasts a coaching staff of great football minds. Mike Martz, who we know was the mastermind behind The Greatest Show on Turf, heads up this band of brothers. Other former NFL talents Eric Allen (Defensive Backs Coach), LaMont Jordan (Running Backs Coach) and Az-Zahir Hakim (Wide Receivers Coach) bring a wealth of knowledge coupled with experience to coach up a hungry Fleet team.

Unlike other pop-up football leagues that have not stood the test of time, the AAF will not look to compete with the juggernaut league we all watch and love. What they do give us is a fresh form of the game, reviving some careers and possibly showcasing other unknown players. There is no doubt that every AAF roster garners NFL talent. A focus on safety (no kickoffs) and game flow (no in-game commercials) will give them their own brand of football any fan can embrace.

Credit: SD Fleet

We might have the best weather in America, but let’s be real, between now and April, it’s not exactly beach weather. So while you are working on your beach body, what better to do than come out and support the Fleet?¬†Tickets start at a mere $20. Twenty buckaroos to join other football fans who also want to release their pent up football rage cheering for their new team.

It is widely known what a great place to tailgate SDCCU stadium is. A vast parking lot with a passionate fan base has been home to some amazing football moments. It’s time to get aboard the Fleet battleship and forge some new football memories. What else would you rather be doing during this part of the sports calendar year? The NFL season will be over, the lengthy NBA and NHL schedules are dragging on towards their heralded playoffs, and MLB will be barely warming up. Exactly. This IS the place to be, San Diego.

So come February 17, I hope to see you all at the very first San Diego Fleet home game at SDCCU Stadium. The players will need all the support they can get and local fans need to show them that San Diego is a football town. In a melting pot city full of football fanatics from across this great country, fans can all unite and cheer for the same team. The city’s team. The San Diego Fleet.

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