A review of the San Diego Padres 2019 MLB Draft

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Joshua Rivera- Round 22- Pick #653


Maurice Hampton- Round 23- Pick #683


Taylor Lomack– Round 24- Pick # 713 (.319/.379/.387  .765 OPS  119 at-bats)

Right-handed hitting outfielder Taylor Lomack has played well in his first taste of professional baseball. He has gap power and decent speed and gets great reads on the baseball defensively. He has stolen eight bases this season and is also a plus base runner. With pick number 713, Lomack was a steal for the Padres. The outfielder is still very young (19), and there is a lot to like with his skill set.

Blake Baker– Round 25- Pick #743 (1-1 1.74 ERA/1.016 WHIP  20.2 IP/30 K/ 9 BB)

Another great value-pick is this right-handed pitcher out of Miami Dade C.C. The 20-year-old has a low 90’s fastball and a split-finger that he throws very effectively. He also is armed with a plus curve. Baker has saved eight games in the AZL where he has wasted no time fitting right in on the staff.

Pierce Jones– Round 26- Pick #773 (.094/.186/.300  .300 OPS  53 at-bats)

18-year-old Pierce Jones has had a tough start but has shown some ability. The right-handed hitter has good speed and some power but has a giant hole in his swing. He is a project for the team, but could eventually figure it out. The outfielder is currently in the AZL.

Tyler Malone– Round 27- Pick #803 (.266/.407/.375  .782 OPS  64 at-bats)

Left-handed hitting Tyler Malone has shown a plus eye at the plate early in the AZL season. He has little power to speak of but does make contact frequently and is patient at the plate as well. The former Oregon State outfielder/first baseman should be able to rise through the system.

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Sam Ballard– Round 28- Pick #833 (1-1 3.38 ERA/1.266 WHIP  21 IP/25 K/13 BB)

21-year-old left-handed pitcher Sam Ballard is pitching well in the AZL. He has a strong body and a quick arm. His fastball is up to 92-94 mph, and the lefty has a power curve that he uses well. There is a lot to like about him, especially with such a low draft pick. Decent floor with this pitcher.

Anthony Nunez– Round 29- Pick #863 (.235/.371/.284  .655 OPS  102 at-bats)

The 18-year old infielder has played a lot in the AZL, and the early reviews are mixed. The switch-hitter can play all over the infield and has a decent eye at the plate. If he can make more contact and drive the ball a little better, he could be a useful utility-type player.

Ripken Reyes– Round 30- Pick #893 (.318/.418/.458  .876 OPS  179 at-bats)

The former USD infielder has been very impressive, making it to Fort Wayne in his first few months as a pro. He barrels the ball up and is very underrated on the basepaths. Reyes has the look of a ballplayer and does the little things. That should carry him deep into the Padres’ system.

Jason Nelson- Round 31- Pick #923


Jason Reynolds– Round 32- Pick #953  (2-4 10.71 ERA/1.966 WHIP  19.1 IP/30 K/18 BB)

20-year-old right-handed pitcher Jason Reynolds keeps the ball down in the zone and could be a minor league innings eater. The 6-foot-3 pitcher has mechanical issues that need to be resolved before he can progress. He is a work in progress for the minor league staff.

Keegan Pulford-Thorpe- Round 33- Pick #983


Bryant Salgado- Round 34- Pick #1013


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Keegan Collett– Round 35- Pick #1043 (2-0 4.58 ERA/1.729 WHIP  19.2 IP/30 K/ 18 BB)

21-year-old Keegan Collett has issues throwing strikes, and the Padres think they can fix that. He has not been able to pound the zone yet continually, but there are reasons to like his power arm from the right side. It may take time for him to figure it out.

Isaiah Bennett- Round 36- Pick #1073


Owen Cobb- Round 37- Pick #1103


Cole Roberts- Round 38- Pick #1133


Dylan Hoffman– Round 39- Pick #1163 (0-1 6.00 ERA/1.662 WHIP  6 IP/5 K/ 1 BB)

The Padres did a favor for Glenn Hoffman and selected his son late in the draft. The right-handed pitcher is 24 and has not had much success in the game. He will need to blossom under professional tutelage to advance in the system. Hoffman is 24, so there is not much time for that to happen.

Koty Fallon– Round 40- Pick #1193 (1-0 3.00 ERA/1.337 WHIP  15 IP/21 K/ 10 BB)

The Padres Mr. Irrelevant was this pitcher out of Western Oregon University. He has a plus arm but will need to refine his approach and mechanics. The 22-year-old right-handed pitcher is a prospect but will need a lot of hard work to make I to the higher levels of the game.

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