A look at new Padres reliever Emilio Pagan

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The San Diego Padres possess a new weapon out of the bullpen as Emilio Pagan emerged in 2019 for the Rays. Here is a look at the right-handed pitcher and what you can expect to see from him.

There is no doubt that the San Diego Padres now have one of the deepest bullpens in all the land.

A trade of Manuel Margot and Logan Driscoll to the Tampa Rays landed the Padres one of the best relievers in the game that hardly anyone knows too much about. Emilio Pagan is not a household name, but the young right-handed pitcher could be in time. There is certainly a lot to like about his abilities.

The fastball on this pitcher is impressive and tops out at 99 mph. The native of South Carolina is getting tremendous swings and misses on a slider, which improved significantly in 2019. At this point, he is really rounding into form as a pitcher.

Pagan saved 20 games for the Rays last year, recording a 2.31 ERA and a 0.829 WHIP in 70 innings. He struck out 96 batters in that time and only walked 13, displaying an excellent ability to throw strikes and attack hitters.

The Padres must be beaming from this addition to their bullpen. With Kirby Yates entrenched as the team’s closer and Drew Pomeranz a new weapon out of the pen, the Padres are eager to get the season started. They will be a tough team to compete against in 2020.

Here are some highlights of the 28-year-old just blowing away hitters with a fastball that tops out in the upper 90’s. These are some legit major leaguers in this video that are made to look foolish at the plate. The right-hander has closer-like stuff and will surely be counted on to provide critical outs for the Padres.

A.J. Preller is a busy man. This second trade with the Rays solidifies the bullpen, but it came at a hefty price tag. Manuel Margot is only 25 years old and could eventually figure things out with the bat. Logan Driscoll is a second-round pick with some upside. Both players will now play east in Florida as the San Diego Padres continue to revamp their roster in a quest for playoff baseball.

Emilio Pagan is under team control through the 2023 season. The Padres saved a few million in this deal, and they could be positioning themselves to recover after a potential loss of Kirby Yates. Nothing seems set in stone in that regard, but Yates is in the last year of his contract and will be looking for a massive payday in November. In time, Pagan might toe the rubber for the Padres when the game is on the line.

5 thoughts on “A look at new Padres reliever Emilio Pagan

    1. A NTC doesn’t mean he would not, or could not be traded, and it expires next year. Yet this gives the team some possible leverage this year. Either way, he doesn’t have to play, at all. He could even be cut, in theory. If so, the team would be better off.

  1. Naylor will be in a trade soon,hosmer has value now ,after last year,he led the team in rbi,s. There are a few teams looking for first basemen.dont forget ty france can play 1st ,2and, 3rd .I think he will be at 2nd before the 2nd half this year. They need a starting 2and basemen and a center fielder.cordero needs to be checked out in the spring.if he sticks bat him in the 7 or 8 hole, take the pressure off him.

  2. Good move ,yes lets,move yates and hosmer now ,bring up a young arm in yates spot .hosmer has better value now.move will myers back to first and leave here there. Between hosmer and yates we can get a good young center fielder and cut 30 mil of are budget.we got runs of young guns to put in the bull pen. And a few good vets .dont forget about Castillo he can start or pitch relief.

  3. There were several All-Stars in that video! It also showed him pitching in several non-save situations, did he become the closer late in the season? Or did the Rays shuffle their closer?

    Last year Preller signed 2 or 3 relievers he hoped to count on in pivotal situations, yet they were injured and/or stunk. It seems he is going way out of his way to make sure that does not happen this year.

    There is no true CF on the roster, and no true CF available, which is not the end of the world. Cordero, IF healthy, could hold down the fort to some degree, as could Grisham, but the Padres could also have the worst defensive outfield this year. Olivares could be an interested addition to the roster, and Naylor should not be on the 26 man roster. He should work on his game in AAA, and then replace Hosmer after the Padres bench/cut him!!!

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