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Boca Chica, Dominican Repubic

The 2018 DSL San Diego Padres started play this week. There are several young players who could one day be considered prospects in the Padres’ system. Most highly celebrated Latino kids of this age will be playing Rookie Ball in Arizona, but a few of these men could establish themselves in a couple of years.

In 1990, the first DSL Padres team was formed as a shared affiliation with the Detroit Tigers and New York Yankees. Since 1997, the team has been independently run and playing ball on the island in the Caribbean.

The San Diego Padres have a sprawling 15-acre facility that includes two game fields, several practice fields, a gym, baseball locker room plus more. It is truly a state of the art facility that helps draw in much talent from the area.

Chris Kemp, the international scouting director has done well to scout and fill the roster in the D.R. The majority of the players on the team are 17 and 18, but some are younger and a few are older as well. These men are able to play the game they love in a familiar setting. The group has an excellent coaching staff.

Manager Miguel Del Castillo played nine years in the Padres’ system as a catcher. He made it all the way to El Paso in 2016, but retired after one month with the Lake Elsinore Storm last year. At 26, the Dominican native is very young for a minor league manager. The youth that he possesses helps him relate to all the young talent around him.

The pitching coach for the team is Nelson Cruz, who pitched six years in the major leagues for the White Sox, Tigers, Astros and Rockies. He retired with a 5.04 ERA and a 15-23 record. The 45-year-old brings a ton of knowledge to his pitchers. Having a coach, at that level, who pitched in the majors and is Latinoas well is invaluable for these young men.

Yunir Cruz is the teams hitting coach. the Venzuelan native played in the Mets’ organization from 2002 through 2006. The 35-year-old will have a battle trying to instill plate discipline and proper mechanics to a bunch of eager young athletes. This league is traditionally a pitching heavy league.

Rounding out the coaching staff is Johonaldo Poza who played six years in the Padres’ system. The catcher, first baseman and third baseman made it all the way to Tucson (Triple-A) in 2011, but retired at the end of the year. At 29, he provides youth to the coaching staff and was a lifelong Padre. He can help cultivate these young men.

Each day, on our daily “Down on the Farm” piece, we will be sure to include scores from the DSL.

Here is a look at the roster.

Name Pos Bat Thw Ht Wt DOB
Andelson Arias C S R 6′ 1″ 170 06-14-2000
Yanger Morales C R R 6′ 0″ 175 06-17-2000
Matias Polanco C L R 5′ 11″ 175 09-18-2000
Brandon Valenzuela C S R 6′ 0″ 170 10-02-2000
Name Pos Bat Thw Ht Wt DOB
Julio De La Cruz SS R R 6′ 3″ 170 01-29-2001
Vladimir Echavarria SS R R 5′ 11″ 160 04-12-2000
Juan Garcia SS R R 6′ 0″ 170 03-16-2001
Emmanuel Guerra 3B R R 6′ 3″ 185 11-16-2000
Victor Nova SS S R 5′ 9″ 160 01-06-2000
Luis Paez SS R R 5′ 10″ 160 09-03-2000
Yeison Santana SS R R 5′ 11″ 170 12-07-2000
Bryan Torres SS R R 5′ 9″ 165 12-11-1999
Name Pos Bat Thw Ht Wt DOB
Adrian Antunez CF R R 6′ 3″ 195 01-17-1999
Cristian Heredia OF R R 6′ 3″ 175 04-12-2001
Junior Perez OF R R 6′ 1″ 165 07-04-2001
Name Pos Bat Thw Ht Wt DOB
Jesus Gonzalez P L L 5′ 10″ 160 06-12-2001
Carlos Guarate P R R 6′ 2″ 178 03-30-2001
Edgar Martinez P R R 5′ 10″ 155 02-26-2001
Mauricio Rodriguez P R R 6′ 0″ 155 02-14-2001
Miguel Rondon P R R 5′ 11″ 150 01-26-2001
Jesus Cisneros P R R 6′ 0″ 155 12-07-2000
Manuel Partida P L L 6′ 1″ 175 09-25-2000
Sergio Carrizoza P R R 6′ 1″ 154 07-15-2000
Alfredo Castaneda P R R 6′ 2″ 175 07-10-2000
Nick Rios P L L 6′ 0″ 170 06-24-2000
Alan Mundo P R R 6′ 2″ 170 05-27-2000
Jeferson Garcia P R R 6′ 0″ 165 02-04-2000
Efrain Contreras P R R 5′ 10″ 185 01-02-2000
Eudi Asencio P R R 6′ 1″ 170 06-18-1999
Cesar Gonzalez P R R 6′ 1″ 160 02-24-1999
Jose Geraldo P R R 6′ 3″ 200 01-30-1999
Bryan Batista P L L 6′ 3″ 175 01-01-1999
Heriberto Sosa P R R 6′ 0″ 170 11-09-1998
Jose Garcia P L L 5′ 11″ 169 02-19-1998
Jorge Leo P R R 6′ 1″ 175 02-18-1998

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  1. From what I remember, Partida was an under the radar signing. Supposedly was the best LHP in Mexico that year. Looking forward to watching him progress

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