Padres Series Preview: Padres Head to Colorado to Take On Rockies

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The San Diego Padres will start their fourth series of the season against the Colorado Rockies on Friday. The series will be a three-game set played at Coors Field. The Friars have dominated the Rox all season long and have held a 6-3 record against them.

This will be the second of the four series that will be played at Coors Field. Last time the Pads were there, they had quite a nice time. The Padres manged to score 32 runs over a three game span. Coors Field has always been known as a hitter’s paradise. Hopefully the Padres re surging offense can take advantage of that. The Rockies are currently on a decent run as they have won four out of their last five games. The Padres have also been on a nice run as they have won their last two series. That includes a series against the Rockies at Petco Park.

The Padres should definitely be able to take this series. The fact that the Padres have won all series against the Rockies so far, should solidify their chance of winning this series. However, the Padres are coming off a series against the Braves in which they didn’t really perform to their potential. Regardless of that I still believe the Friars will take this series at Coors Field and continue their dominance over the Colorado Rockies.

Pitching Matchups

Andrew Cashner vs Jon Gray 5:40 p.m.

Erik Johnson vs Tyler Chatwood 1:10 p.m.

Christian Friedrich vs Eddie Butler 1:10 p.m.

The pitching matchups for this series are definitely interesting. We do have to remember that we are at Coors Field though. So more than likely the pitching matchups will not play a huge role. Andrew Cashner will start things off on Friday. Cashner really has looked shaky this year. But he has looked real good against the Rockies. Cashner will be looking for his third win on the year against the Rockies. Cashner is 2-0 on the year so far against the Rockies. In 11 and two-thirds innings of work, Cashner has only allowed six runs. That is not bad at all considering the type of offense the Rockies Posses. Cashner, however will have a tough opponent in Jon Gray. Gray has absolutely dominated the Padres this season. In two games against the Padres, Gray has an ERA of 2.77 with 23 strikeouts and only two walks allowed. Those are amazing numbers. The thing is you do have to consider that those games have both been at Petco Park. Gray could struggle at home as he does have an ERA of 6.23 at Coors Field.

Speaking of guys who struggle at home we move on to Tyler Chatwood in game two. Chatwood has been absolutely amazing for the Rockies away from Coors Field. But he has been absolutely abysmal at Coors Field. Chatwood posses some of the most shocking home/away splits that you have seen. Chatwood has manged to post up a minuscule ERA of 0.65 on the road, while he has a 5.30 ERA at Coors Field. Chatwood’s home struggles could pave the way for Erik Johnson to have a nice first start in a Padres Uniform. Johnson of course was a part of the trade that sent James Shields to the Chicago White Sox. Johnson is just 26 years old and definitely has potential to be a decent pitcher in the MLB. I’m sure were all exited to see how it goes for Johnson in his first start as a Friar. Remember that if he does have a rough start, that he is pitching at Coors Field. This will be no easy task by any means for Erik Johnson. The matchup in game two is definitely the one that I am most looking forward to seeing.

Game three will also deliver a matchup which definitely favors the Friars. Christian Friedrich will be the man on the mound for the Padres. Friedrich has looked impressive since being called up to the bigs after injuries to the pitching staff. Friedrich is 3-1 with an ERA of 2.57 in five starts for the Padres. Friedrich would look sharp in his last start. He would go six and two-thirds and only allow two runs with seven strikeouts. Friedrich and the Padres should not struggle to win on Sunday as he will have an inferior opponent in Eddie Butler. Butler did struggle in his lone start against the Padres as he did give up five runs including two hom runs. The Padres should definitely be able to handle Butler on Sunday afternoon. Overall the pitching matchups don’t favor either team. There are several unknown variables which play a factor. Like how will Erik Johnson do? Also how will Chatwood do at home? Also the simple fact that this series will be played at Coors Field. The starting pitching may be completely irrelevant in this series and not turn out be play a role at all.

Players to Watch

Wil Myers

Wil Myers is on fire right now! On Wednesday he had an amazing game in which he blasted two home runs off of Julio Teheran. To add to it Myers has been killing it in his last seven games. Myers has hit .433 with four home runs and eight RBI. Now Myers has been blazing at Petco Park but has struggled severely on the road. But you have to remember that this is Coors Field. If Myers can go yard twice against an elite pitcher at Petco Park. I see no reason why he can’t have an amazing series against lower tier pitching at Coors Field. It almost seems impossible for Myers not to have a successful weekend in the Mile-High City.

Nolan Arenado

Nolan Arenado will always be mentioned in the players to watch. He is just something else, he is phenomenal. Arenado was amazing in his last game against the Padres. Arenado would go 3-3 with a walk, a two run shot and three RBI. Apart from that game, Nolan did struggle in that series against the Padres. We even saw him lose his temper during game one of the series. I feel like Arenado will have no struggles in this series. The modern-day, Brooks Robinson has a BA of .327 at home with 10 home runs and 29 RBI. Arenado has been amazing at Coors Field. Padres pitchers should be carefull  with Nolan Arenado in this series.


Wil Myers vs Jon Gray

The Padres collectively are 9-47 against Jon Gray this season. Myers seems to be the only one who has really figured him out. Myers is 3-6 against Gray with a home run. Myers has been the only Friar who has been able to go yard off of Gray. Him and Matt Kemp are also the only ones to have produced any runs off of Gray. Hopefully Wil can continue his success against Jon this weekend at Coors Field.


How Will Erik Johnson Perform?

A lot of Padres fans will be exited to see Erik Johnson’s first start as a Friar. I certainly will be as well. Johnson is a decent pitcher, he isn’t supposed to be anything amazing, but you just never know. Johnson has had stints with the White Sox since 2013. In 18 starts Johnson didn’t really do so hot with a 4.50 ERA. For me personally this shouldn’t be much of a concern. The Padres always seem to get these pitchers that are outcast really and just make them into something special. Like the case of Drew Pomeranz, Christian Friedrich, Cesar Vargas even a guy like Tyson Ross. The Padres have been doing this for years now. Looking back a White Sox pitcher who was then a Padre and did decent was the case of Clayton Richard. Based on these specific scenarios, I really think Johnson will turn out to be a decent pitcher for the Padres. Now as for his first start with the team. I really have no idea what to expect. But I have a feeling, it isn’t going to go too smoothly for Johnson. Having his first start for the team be at Coors Field really is a tough break. But it’ll be interesting to see how he does.

How will Matt Kemp Perform?

It was announced recently that Matt Kemp is on the trade block for the Padres. Many Friar Faithful will probably be mad at the move. We have to remember, moving Kemp really is the best for the future. To be honest though I’m quite doubtful any team will want to pick him up this season. Hopefully it can happen, but it’ll be tough. However, If Matt Kemp really starts performing a team may take a chance on him. This can all start with a nice series at Coors. Kemp has done tremendously against the Rockies so far this season. In nine games Kemp has a BA of .359 with five home runs against the Rox. To add to it Kemp has had an amazing career at Coors Field. Kemp has a BA of .334 with an OBP of .401 in 75 games in Colorado. He also has 19 home runs in the mix as well. Kemp has been dominant at Coors Field and against the Rockies throughout his career. Hopefully he can turn some heads this series, to generate interest to eventually ship him out of San Diego.

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