Padres News: Jon Heyman Reporting Kemp on the Block

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Photo by Justin Edmonds/Getty Images
Photo by Justin Edmonds/Getty Images

Matt Kemp was offered up to the White Sox in the recent trade talks that resulted in James Shields being shipped out-of-town. Jon Heyman reports the Padres are indeed trying to move the slugging outfielder, but is it possible to move him and his hefty contract?

The San Diego Padres are obviously in a sort of rebuild even though they publicly will not announce the fact. James Shields was the first of many potential trades the team will make. A.J. Preller is about to turn back into a rock star G.M.

Moving Kemp is not as easy as one would think. His hefty contract is one issue, but there is also the fact he is a defensive liability at this point in his career. An American League team makes the most sense but he is still not going to be an easy sale. The Padres will have to eat significant money for the team to move him. That is a fact.

It is really troubling to see the team paying James Shields to play on another team. Now Matt Kemp might be in the same boat. As a Padres fan I am well aware this money allocated to other teams will surely affect the teams financial plans for the next few seasons. If the Padres are eating around $20 million per season for both Kemp and Shields, it will not be a positive thing.

In this piece Heyman mentioned Jon Jay, Andrew Cashner, Fernando Rodney, Derek Norris and Wil Myers as potential trade chips. Wil Myers?!?! Yes, that is what is being reported. I don’t see it personally, but I guess with Preller at the helm nothing is completely out of the realm of possibility.

This report about Kemp is nothing new. It is not a breaking news story by any means. The Padres have surely been trying to move Kemp for a while. With Alex Dickerson, Manuel Margot and Hunter Renfroe in the minors developing, the Padres have young replacements ready. We will see if A.J. can pull off a miracle and move Kemp without straining the Padres pocketbook too much.

4 thoughts on “Padres News: Jon Heyman Reporting Kemp on the Block

  1. Alex Dickerson been here and cannot hit big league pitching he is a c4 A player Will Myers can become a sound player Jay and outstanding center fielder the best all round center fielder since Steve Finley Rodney and Norris are replaceable caught-er are true leader on the field Norris is no true leader Rodney can be replaced

  2. Honestly, I could see trading Myers if it meant we could trade another player, such as Kemp. We can probably easily trade Jon Jay and Fernando Rodney on their own. To move Kemp, we might have to couple him with a player like Myers.

    Imagine trading Rodney, Jay, Kemp, and Myers for prospects and salary relief. Then we can finish 2016 with:

    1b: Alex Dickerson
    LF: Melvin Upton Jr.
    CF: Manuel Margot
    RF: Hunter Renfroe
    OF: Jankowski

    Yeah, that’s putting a lot of faith in the kids. But, everyone knows Jay is worth trading, and we’re probably better off long term without Kemp.

    This might be a tough pill for Preller to swallow since that means that all of his big acquisitions from last year will be gone except for Norris, who might get traded anyway, and Upton, who he didn’t really want in the first place and could also get traded.

    1. If Preller wants to trade Kemp and NOT have to pay much money, if any at all, they’ll have to not just trade him with a Myers or a Pomeranz…but they’re gonna have to throw in a couple of prospects, too. And altho’ Preller may be unpredictable, I still dont see him giving up any of his better prospects.

      Kemp will be traded near, or after the deadline…but like Shields, Preller is going to have to eat some money.

      Shields wont stay with Chicago, unless they go very deep into the post season, in my opinion. So, he’ll leave, next offseason…and that means, the Padres wont have to pay anymore money on his deal, than they already did when he was traded. Hence, trading hin to a VERY hitter friendly ballpark.

    2. you have good points I believe the padre needed to look at their training staff their are just to many players going down because of injuries .

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