What is Jered Weaver’s Future as a Padre?

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This off-season, the San Diego Padres took a chance on many veteran pitchers, including former Angel, Jered Weaver.

Coming into the year, Weaver was considered to be one of the more reliable options Andy Green had, given his resume in Anaheim. But now it seems Jered Weaver has one foot out the door of Major League Baseball.

Weaver has not produced at all this year. In fact, he is presently tied with the Astros’ Mike Fiers for most home runs (16) surrendered in 2017. He’s also sporting an ERA just under seven. It is consensus among Padre fans that Jered Weaver should be off the major league club. They just want him out of San Diego. Period.

And rightfully so. Weaver has shown that he hasn’t adapted to what he has become. He keeps going at guys with his low to mid 80’s fastball.The results are a ton of extra base hits.

To add to the fact his velocity is down, he isn’t locating the ball well at all. If Jered Weaver wants to stay in the majors, he needs to pitch with what he has. He can’t be someone he’s not. Who knows though? Perhaps his time is just over and it’s time to face the facts.

Someone who hasn’t been pleased with Weaver’s performance is Chairman/Owner, Ron Fowler. Fowler went on Mighty 1090 AM recently and voiced his frustration of Jered Weaver. He said Weaver was on a “short leash” and he would take “appropriate action” if he continues to not perform. He also said that he liked the way Weaver admitted to his disastrous performances.

Fowler may be referring to Weaver’s rather funny tweet he put out in early May.

It has been a week since Ron Fowler said that on local airwaves. Weaver has had one good start, and one horrendous performance. Jered Weaver threw six masterful innings, only allowing one run on five hits with two walks against the White Sox. Weaver desperately needed an outing like the one he had. He was basically pitching to keep his job. On Friday, he laid an egg, failing to get out of the first inning and allowing seven runs to score on five hits. Is his job safe?

His start against the Sox helped him, but that doesn’t mean Weaver is in the clear. Ron Fowler and A.J. Preller will still have a keen eye on Jered Weaver. I believe he is on a start-to-start basis, and will be evaluated after each start. His start against the Diamondbacks might have sealed his fate in San Diego. Only time will tell.

If he is DFA’d, I believe the San Diego Padres are the last major league team of his marvelous career. Meaning that, if he is released, no other team will feel the need to pick him up based on his performance in San Diego. If you are not rooting for Weaver to get his groove back, then you support the tank and are eager to get a higher draft pick.

All we can do is wait and see how this plays out. According to Ron Fowler, his future with the team will be based upon his performance in each and every start. I am sure Jered knows it is a business, and that he needs to prove himself every outing. It’s just a shame that it had to end this way, but right now it’s a toss-up as to whether Weaver remains a Padre for the remainder of the week or month.

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  1. His future is not a Padre. After last night, he’s gotta be gone. I’d rather see what Diaz can do as a starter.

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