What Does the Addition of Ross & Young Mean Towards the Direction of the 2018 Padres?

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Credit: USA Today Sports

In one day, A.J. Preller got nostalgic.

He has reportedly inked right-handed pitchers Tyson Ross and Chris Young on the same Friday afternoon, and each will be given a shot to compete for a rotation spot in the spring of 2018.

Immediately, the fan base cried for a reunion with Jake Peavy as well, but it remains to be seen if the former ace has what it takes to return to the major leagues after a full year away from the game. Peavy could be an interesting option, but is a long shot to return to the Friars.

Bringing in Young and Ross seems like a strange move for a team that is reportedly in negotiations with Eric Hosmer on a $100 million-plus contract. The veterans could help stabilize the rotation, but they are both past their prime and offer little in terms of immediate value for the team.

Chris Young is years from starting consistently at the major league level. He made two starts last season and was roughed up in K.C., recording a 7.50 ERA in 30 innings pitched. He will compete for a roster spot, and could provide the team with an option in the back-end of the rotation. He will need a healthy spring with some impressive numbers to make the team, but has the ability to provide mentorship to many of the young pitchers coming up soon.

Cal Quantrill, Joey Lucchesi, Jacob Nix, Eric Lauer, and others are close to being major league ready. Giving them players like Young and Ross to help guide in their infancy is an excellent idea. You can have all the coaches in the world, but sometimes young players learn more from veterans that are around them at the major league level. They learn both negative and positive traits, so it is crucial for the Padres to surround this youth with “good eggs” that are going to help cultivate these players the correct way.

I have spoken to several former Padres, and each go on and on about what Tyson Ross brings to a team. They have told me what a great teammate he is and how he is available to each and every one of them. He is not larger than the game and is very humble and sincere about doing his job. Players respect that mentality.

Of the two pitchers, Ross probably has the ability to regain some of his past form. He is still young enough at the age of 30 to get past his past physical issues and regain his all-star form. The Padres are giving him every opportunity to do so and could be handsomely rewarded with a productive Ross in 2018.

These two additions signify that the Padres are still planning to compete to some degree next season. Both men are character guys, and that seems to be a new theme for A.J. Preller. Not a bad idea as the youth of the system is about to arrive at Petco Park. Speaking of character, the Eric Hosmer talk is sure to heat up again and there are several trades the team could make. Adding Tyson Ross and Chris Young is an interesting move as this 2018 team begins to take shape.

4 thoughts on “What Does the Addition of Ross & Young Mean Towards the Direction of the 2018 Padres?

  1. Its a no-brainer. The Friars aren’t going to contend, so getting 2 possible starting pitchers for almost no money makes sense, even if they both just keep seats warm.

    Not expecting much from Young, but he’s surprised before. He has never thrown hard, so age doesn’t affect his games as much as some others.

    Really hoping Tyson comes back. 30 isn’t very old. If he even rebounds to be “just average” — say a 4.50 era and 1.35 whip — he’ll be sought after by some clubs and could net a prospect at the deadline. If he rebounds all the way to 2015 form, the Pads will look like geniuses.

  2. If Mr. Preller is going to take a stroll down memory lane with his pitching contracts, I think he should check on the rehab status of Erik Johnson.

  3. So much unnecessary hand wringing on this one.

    Upside: Padres get a serviceable starter and long reliever. Extreme upside: Ross regains his All Star form. Not probable, but Balsley and Petco have produced more than a few miracles – Brad Hand for ex.

    Downside: Padres pay out minor league contracts and get nothing.

    This is beyond no-brainer

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