Week 10 KYO (Know Your Opponent) Dolphins at Chargers

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Credit: USA Today Sports
Credit: USA Today Sports

Last Sunday, the San Diego Chargers put together an impressive offensive performance against the feisty Tennessee Titans and earned a 43-35 victory, in what may have been the most entertaining game of the season so far for Chargers fans.

This Sunday, the Bolts will try to defend their home turf against the always unpredictable Miami Dolphins.

Every week here at EVT, we take a look at the opponents strengths and weaknesses. So let’s dive into it.


1. Jay Ajayi:

Every season in the NFL a player comes out of nowhere to have an extraordinary season. This year it seems that the former Boise State star is that player. Let’s be honest about this one. When the season started, everyone expected Arian Foster to be the workhorse in the Dolphins backfield, and you had to be a Mountain West Football fan in order to even know that Ajayi was on the roster. But Foster came up lame early in the season and promptly retired before the team’s week six game against the Steelers. Ajayi received the majority of the carries, running for over 200 yards and two TDs. The next week he shredded Buffalo, and has been on an absolute tear this last month. Last week, the Bolts did a terrific job containing DeMarco Murray and the Titans line. This week they will need to come up big again.

2. Ndamukong Suh:

Is he dirty? Yes! Is he good? No question. Suh has been in the eye of the storm ever since his rookie season, because of some questionable plays on the field. He once stepped on Aaron Rodgers and also once kicked Matt Schaub. But when he gets his head in the game, few defensive tackles are better. He has 4.5 sacks this year and 37 tackles, which are a lot for a DT. The Chargers should double-team him constantly in order to keep him off of Philip Rivers and away from his passing pocket.

3. Jarvis Landry:

Credit: ESPN
Credit: ESPN

When Landry came out of LSU, some scouts had reservations about Landry as a complete WR. Safe to say that he has erased those concerns fast. This year he’s on pace for over 1,200 yards. He only has one TD, but that’s not his fault. The Bolts should be very careful with Landry as he’s a special receiver and is due for a big game. Casey Hayward and Brandon Flowers will keep their eyes on him.


1. Ryan Tannehill:

I think the jury is out on this guy. He has some athletic ability and a good arm, but he hasn’t learned to play the position. He just doesn’t get his team out of bad plays and he’s awful at pre-snap diagnosis of the defense. To me, this is Tannenhill’s last season in Miami. Look for Joey Bosa and company to put pressure on the Dolphins passing throughout the game. He will be pressured and he hasn’t made wise choices in the past when under duress.

2. Mario Williams:

Sometimes front office personalities get lazy and sign big name players that are on the downside of their careers. This is the case with Williams. He was once one of the premier pass rushers in the game, but that time has come and gone. He’s still looking for his first sack as a Dolphin, which tells you everything you need to know about his declining performance. The line better keep him in check, as you never want to wake up a sleeping giant. Williams is still capable of having a great game, although it is not likely.

3. The secondary:

This team has a strong front seven, but they are not very good in the defensive backfield. Byron Maxwell has never been as good as he was in Seattle, and he’s susceptible to the long ball. Safety Reshad Jones is out for the year with a shoulder injury. Look for Antonio Gates to continue his solid play against Miami. Hunter Henry could also be a factor if he suits up in the game.

In my opinion the Chargers should blow the Dolphins out of the water. If they can contain Ajayi and put the ball in Ryan Tannenhill’s hands, they will walk out of the Q with a 5-5 record.

1 thought on “Week 10 KYO (Know Your Opponent) Dolphins at Chargers

  1. Would rather the Chargers win than lose, but truthfully I could care less about the greedy players and owners anymore, they have worn me down.
    No Fun League full of penalties, reviews, poor play, players acting like they just won the championship after assisting on a tackle, with their team behind by double digit points.
    Players committing criminal act after criminal act because they feel entitled.

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