Top 3 priorities for the Padres this winter

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Padres A.J. Preller
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The ultimate goal was not achieved in 2022, but the San Diego Padres certainly provided lots of fun for the fan base.

There is excitement in the city of San Diego like at no other time in the history of the Padres. The team is relevant, and there is hope on the horizon that this competitive moment we are in is not just a momentary thing. Peter Seidler and his group plan for long-lasting competitiveness from the Padres.

Fernando Tatis returning in 2023 will be a massive boost for the Padres and their offense which struggled at times.

Despite all the hope for next year, there are still things that need to be accomplished to complete a roster.

Here is a look at the top three things that need to be addressed this offseason.

#3- Explore catching upgrades

Improving the outfield was considered for this space, but in the end, a catching upgrade may help the team the best. Austin Nola was clearly overworked in the playoffs. The Padres had no faith in Jorge Alfaro and Luis Campusano. Neither played at all in the postseason, which spoke volumes about the Padres’ future at the position.

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Alfaro is arbitration eligible in the last year of his deal. He is due to make around $3 million, which may be too much for San Diego. Luis Campusano is young and possesses a solid bat, but there are still issues with his catching skills. Expect the Padres to explore upgrades, but the catching market is really thin right now. A.J. Preller is creative and ambitious. If the Padres want to upgrade, expect him to go the extra mile to get a deal done.

#2- Add a veteran starting pitcher or two

With Mike Clevinger and Sean Manaea due for free agency, the Padres will need to add a starting pitcher or two this winter. Clevinger and Manaea did not help their cause in returning to San Diego with their performances in the playoffs. The Padres may kick the tires on bringing back one of these two, but it would be at a minimal cost.

Adrian Morejon, Ryan Weathers, and Jay Groome are all left-handed and young. This trio may be able to eat some of the innings at the back end of the rotation, but the Padres will still surely add at least one veteran. Nick Martinez is an option to return and start, but he must agree to his player option for 2023 or restructure a deal with the Padres this winter. Preller and the Padres will have an opportunity to bring in a solid pitcher this winter, so expect the Padres to be active in trades.

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#1- Find a first basemanĀ 

The Eric Hosmer era is over, and the Padres need someone to man the position moving forward. There are no young prospects in the minors at first base, and Wil Myers, Josh Bell, and Brandon Drury are all free agents this winter. The Padres may bring back one of these men, but that is certainly not set in stone.

Expect the Padres to sign one of two free agents to fill the position. They could also make a trade to upgrade the area. The team will likely bring in multiple people, as the DH position will also need to be filled for next year. Preller and the Padres will add some power at the position and will have an opportunity to cherry-pick exactly who they want. The Padres will have no trouble drawing players to San Diego to play on this exciting roster.

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