Tijuana Xolos: Matias Pisano Deserves a Chance to be in the Starting 11

Credit: Xolos

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Credit: Xolos

Club Tijuana began its Apertura 2017 campaign with a lackluster 2-0 loss against Cruz Azul at the Estadio Caliente.

The team clearly needs some modifications in players or in formation to improve this week and fight for the three points against Necaxa away from home.

One of the more disappointing players on the pitch was right-midfielder Mauricio Cuero. The Colombian winger looked nonexistent in his 61 minutes of play, not providing much at all for the Aztec Canines. Cuero had earned Eduardo Coudet’s trust with some impressive performances in off-season games, but had a horrid start to this new season. The 24-year-old certainly has potential, but with other options at his position on the team, Cuero should not be in the starting lineup against Necaxa this week.

Paul Arriola is likely to be fatigued, with the Gold Cup final on Wednesday with the United States national team.

The other options left are Luis Angel Mendoza and Matias Pisano. “El Quick” Mendoza is the safe option as he is not the most exciting player, but he will do a solid job in the position. The Mexican midfielder is not the quickest, despite his nickname, but his passing is his standout attribute that can certainly help the Xolos going forward. The border city side lacked link up play in the season opener against Cruz Azul and Mendoza can strengthen that aspect of the game if he does get a chance to be in the starting 11.

Matias Pisano is the riskier, but also the more exciting and rewarding option if he can have a solid performance in that right midfield slot. The 25-year-old came to the Liga MX in the Clausura 2017 tournament from Argentina but only featured in 198 minutes of league play.

The 5-foot-5 winger had some moments in his limited playing time, but never had a chance to prove himself, and he also did not have any disastrous moments impeding him from getting a better opportunity. With Cuero getting off to a shaky start, this could be the Argentine’s time to shine and help the team create opportunities as well.

The suitable player in that right-midfield slot can prove to be essential to the team as he will have good support with Matias Aguirregaray in that right-back slot.

The pair can create something special for this team and Eduardo Coudet should test all his options to see who will best fit the role. With Arriola unlikely to be available and Mendoza not being the most exciting option as a starter, Pisano deserves a chance to fill that role and prove what he can do. Miguel Herrera brought in Pisano, and “El Piojo” does have a good eye for talent as he is the man who brought in Aviles Hurtado and Guido Rodriguez to the border city.

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