Tijuana Xolos: Has Club Tijuana Been Struggling to Pay Its Players?

Credit: Xolos

Tijuana, BC Mexico

This Monday, Eduardo Coudet and Club Tijuana parted ways, and there are still a plethora of questions to be answered.

The club has released an official statement, but it does not mention any motives or whether Coudet was fired or if he resigned.

Throughout the day there have been reports by credible journalists that Coudet departed because Club Tijuana failed to pay its players.



One of the more notable reports came from ESPN’s Mauricio Pedroza, who says in his tweet “2 months without paying the squad. Coudet advocated for the players and he left”.

ESPN’S Salvador Perez also followed up on the subject with an article and mentioned that “Sources close to ESPN Digital inform us that the debts go up to three fortnights.”

It has been reported by Said Rodriguez that the debts vary from player to player- some coming close to two months, others just two weeks.

These reports raise several other questions like why some players are receiving priority over others. The main question to ask if this is true is why Club Tijuana is struggling to pay its players.

The team is backed by the most successful sports book and casino in Mexico, Caliente, and has been considered to be a financially stable club. The Xolos were even featured in a report by Forbes that indicated that the team was the 14th most valuable soccer franchise in America and the fifth most valuable franchise in the Liga MX. These seem to be very tough times for the Xoloitzcuintles as the team is unlikely to make the playoffs, has no manager, and may even be struggling to pay their players.

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