The San Diego Chargers “Can’t Call It”

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Credit: K.Martin

Week 17, January 1, 2017, was potentially the San Diego Chargers “last” contest in San Diego, one year after going through the same song and dance in 2016. Even Philip Rivers made comments about it not being quite the same as before. I don’t disagree with him after attending both games as a fan. Personally, I didn’t allow it to destroy me like it did in 2016.

I also wasn’t writing articles for an online publication (thanks James & East Village Times). After OTA’s, preseason, and 15 regular season games prior to Week 17, I was on an even keel. I frequent G3 at the “Q” more than any other part of Qualcomm Stadium, but Sunday I made my rounds.

“It Go Down In H3…It Go Down”

I made it a point to meet up with DHBC (Die Hard Bolt Club) and Cali Comfort’s main man, Shawn Walchef. I was fortunate enough to meet ESPN’s Jim Trotter as well. These two gentleman are good friends with one another. It was an honor, gentlemen, thank you both. San Diego’s own rapper, C-Siccness was also in the H3 area. This is the place where you’ll find Save Our Bolts, DHBC members, and fans that travel to road games as well.

There seems to be a media witch hunt by certain journalists who are nowhere near the San Diego area. We know who they are, and I won’t be giving them anymore acknowledgment. CBS News 8 was in attendance, and I’m sure other news crews were as well. Shout out to Big Brian, a huge Chargers fan and DHBC member. Brian is an extremely hospitable man!

Johnny Bolt Pride, who I missed, is a local celebrity in many Charger fans’ and local newscasters’ eyes. I would be remiss to leave out Rafael Alvarez, of Bolt Pride. I ran into Rafael right as I stepped into Qualcomm. Rafael heads Bolt Pride and helped Save Our Bolts mightily in recent years. There are many others that I have become acquainted with through Twitter. All of us are huge “San Diego Chargers” fans!

Overall Consensus In The Stadium:

Many empty seats, and to the untrained eye, more Chargers fans than Chiefs fans.

What was lacking was an environment. It felt like a dying theme park. A 5-10 team doesn’t help matters, along with a beleaguered fan base. If the Chargers stay in San Diego, I would hope that the experience is heightened. I have many ideas for what could work. Many of the names I mentioned would have no problem helping to facilitate ambience. I can only hope with Mike McCoy‘s termination, it’s a sign of things to come.

Already circulating are names such as Matt Patricia, New England defensive coordinator. Vance Johnson, Miami’s defensive coordinator is also rumored to be meeting with the team.

In Conclusion (Sigh)

Who knows?! My gut says Dean & company will come to their senses and make it work. Don’t blame the old man entirely, San Diego City Officials are by no means innocent. Fan or not, allow yourself to think of the many bright possibilities for the City of San Diego instead of your disdain for Dean Spanos. He really does want to stay, he could probably just use a hand at marketing. Stick around, Old Timer. ⚡️

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