The Padres Attempting to Build Trade Value for July

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The San Diego Padres will be spinning their wheels for the rest of the 2018 season.

Just as the team starts to play well, they will undoubtedly hit a spell where they make mistakes and play horrible ball. That is to be expected as this is a team of mostly young players that are still finding their way in the game of baseball. It takes time to “flip” a franchise and turn it into a productive one. We are currently in the middle of what some people like to call a “rebuild”. The Padres will not use that word, but that is precisely what they are doing.

This construction is not just limited to the major league team either as the whole farm system was blown up in the last three years and re-organized. It was tragically needed, as the San Diego Padres have failed in all regards in terms of cultivating and developing talent. Something had to be done and it is being implemented now.

With the 2018 team not built to win, it is getting time to think about possibly maximizing players/profits and once again collecting young talent that could help in the long run. Last year, the Padres dealt three veteran arms to the Kansas City Royals. Brandon Maurer, Ryan Buchter, and Trevor Cahill were moved for Travis Wood, Matt Strahm, and Esteury Ruiz. Wood has since moved on, but both Strahm and Ruiz have bright futures with the team. Meanwhile, only Maurer is still with the Royals, and was last seen in Triple-A.

A.J. Preller, like him or not, has a knack for trading and acquiring young talent. Sure, the naysayers want to point to Trea Turner and the Bryan Mitchell/ Chase Headley investment and demean the G.M. for the moves. Yes, the deals may prove to be incorrect trades, but in the long run, his good moves have easily outperformed his bad ones.

As July approaches, the Padres will surely be sellers in the trade market once again. Here is a look at some of the most likely players to be shopped. Take note that anything can happen with Preller and his regime. They pride themselves on doing the unexpected and taking an edge over their opponent. Anything can truly happen.

Jose Pirela

He has been a very consistent player for the team in his one-year of service time with the team. He has put up a .267/.324/.423 batting line with 10 homers and 51 RBI in his 132 games in a Padres’ uniform. Those numbers are not spectacular, but they are serviceable. He is not a free agent until 2023 so there is no rush to move him. However, there is a sense that the 27-year-old is playing over his head, and now is the time to deal him while he has some value. Pirela has cooled down recently and still has yet to hit a homer in 2018, but you have to think he might have some value to someone. Jose Pirela can play first, second, or the corner outfield. Padres’ fans should be rooting for Pirela to get back on track so that he can be moved for a prospect come July.

Tyson Ross

He was signed for $1.75 million this past winter and has easily justified his payday. Ross had a near no-hitter and seems free and easy with his arm currently. His slider is returning to form and the right-handed pitcher has been striking out batters with it. Ross is 31 and should still have some tread left on the tires. The Padres could explore re-signing him to an extension, but they would have to feel out what Ross and his representation want. If they are looking for too much on a new deal, then the team could very well kick the tires on Ross’ value to contending teams.

Freddy Galvis

The team is really pleased with what they have gotten from this shortstop since he was acquired from the Philadelphia Phillies for Enyel De Los Santos. Dealing a top pitching prospect was certainly risky, and still remains a risk, but Galvis has stabilized a position that had been a mess for the team for a long time. He is in the last year of his contract and could be re-signed by the team as there is no heir apparent at short ready in the minors just yet. Luis Urias is close, but he is questionable to remain at short long-term. The Padres could package Galvis to a team looking for middle infield help (Dodgers?).

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Brad Hand

The value is still there for this left-handed talent. He has one of the most devastating sliders in the game and throws in the mid 90s as well. When the playoff picture starts to get clear in the next few months, teams will surely be on the lookout for bullpen help. Hand fits the needs of many teams and has two-plus years of service time left on his contract. The Padres will not shop Hand, but if they get a tempting offer, then A.J. Preller will not hesitate to pull the trigger.

Hunter Renfroe

I know there are many supporters of this man in the fan base, and rightfully so. He has so much ability. The Padres do seem a bit frustrated with the fact he cannot take a walk though. Franchy Cordero has established himself, and Wil Myers will play everyday in the outfield. If comes down to Manuel Margot or Renfroe, you would have to think the speedy Dominican center fielder wins. Then there is the Franmil Reyes factor, as the 22-year-old has slugged 12 homers in Triple-A and is knocking on the door. Renfroe could probably use a change of scenery as there just isn’t enough at-bats to go around for him. Expect the Padres to gauge his value and do it soon.

There are more tasty players on the Padres’ roster such as Kirby Yates and Craig Stammen. Both relievers would be excellent additions to a playoff-bound team. Travis Jankowski and Cory Spangenberg could also be shopped as neither seems to be a long-term fit in San Diego. No matter what, the Padres will be active in talking trade. Whether or not they pull off a deal is another story. These next few months could be interesting for Padres fans.

4 thoughts on “The Padres Attempting to Build Trade Value for July

  1. I hope you realize that trading Ross and Galvis wouldn’t bar the Padres from signing then next offseason.

  2. Business as usual. How can you build a “team”when you don’t even know who’s going to be in the clubhouse tomorrow? This is more like building a “scheme” than anything else. I can’t follow the moving pieces and it’s very sickening to watch. Baseball is not fun anymore.

    1. You really think brad hand has anything close to the value he had same time last year? Guys dropped at least 4 saves this season and its barely may, and those blown saves were completely on him, cant blame the hitging or offense on those. For every great move preller has made hes turned around and made a head scratching one. Was it his idea to take wil myers and teach him a completely new major league position out of the blue? Was it him that got rid of solarte so myers could have it all to himself? Only to go acquire a pro first baseman anyway the year after, making the whole series of moves worse than pointless? Loved getting freddy galvis, refreshing that somebody remembered that with a good shortstop, you dont have to rely completely on the shift, but isnt he also the guy that panicked and dropped drew pomeranz like a hot potato and basically handed boston an all star caliber starter for nothing? What they need to do is focus on their coaching and baserunning. If you can give me a good reason that glenn hoffman is at 3rd base coaching other than his brother was trevor hoffman you will be the first. And at this point, the hitting is getting embarassing all around, not just cetrtain guys. Get somebody to teach these guys contact hitting, its painful watching them swing under or out of their shoes on everything. The myers injury happened because he swung so hard at nothing that he almost fell over, it wasnt just some unlucky thing, idiot did it to himself, and thats not even mentioning him being bored in the outfield, which was not a joke, and even if it was, do you see any other quality team’s stars going out and joking about being bored? No they are pros, and myers is a hack. Typical padres, i know you gotta eat man, but you can be honest about the team, been a fan my whole life i wont be mad, honest.

  3. I hope we don’t deal Brad Hand, unless we get a really top prospect in return. If we plan to compete in 2019-20, I think we need someone like Hand as the closer. Plus, he seems to enjoy playing in San Diego.

    I suspect Preller would love to trade Renfroe, but his value is probably at an all-time low right now.

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