SD Loyal SC defeat Phoenix Rising 2-1

Credit: SD Loyal

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Credit: Loyal

The San Diego Loyal remain unbeaten at home as they secure the 2-1 victory over the first-place Phoenix Rising

The San Diego Loyal continues to improve every single match. Starting from (0-4), they have bounced back and have yet to lose since.

San Diego (11) remains in fourth place in the Pacific Division but are now only five points behind Phoenix (16) for first place. It’s safe to say the Loyal love to play in front of the Locals.

The first half of this match showcased great concentration and awareness as both teams wanted to win badly. It showed early on as the Rising sprinted toward every pass and the Loyal doing whatever was necessary to keep possession. Both squads created opportunities to score, but only the Loyal could connect with one.

In the 36th minute, midfielder Jack Blake drilled one past the keeper to give San Diego the early 1-0 lead. The atmosphere in Torero Stadium electrified after the score, and Blake loved every second of it.

Blake continues to impress in his first season in San Diego.

The second half started out with a bang! Scoring in front of the Locals, Blake connected again with a liner past the Rising keeper in the 57th minute. Adding to their lead, Blake scored his third and fourth goal in a Loyal kit.

Phoenix responded right away with a goal of their own in the 66th minute. Midfielder Arturo Rodriquez sneaked one past keeper Trey Muse to bring them within one.

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The final 15 minutes of the match turned into an all-out slugfest. Both teams were issued multiple yellow cards, and it looked as if a brawl would start. The referee managed to calm the tensions for the most part, and the Loyal did their job to hold off the brilliant Rising attack. The Rising created multiple opportunities to even the score, but none could fall.

The Loyal held on and defeated arguably the top team in the USL Championship, not allowing them to pull off another incredible comeback.

“Soccer is a funny game,” Manager Landon Donovan said. “We’re a lot better than Phoenix and probably deserved to win that game. Given everything that happened, a point would have been fair tonight.”

The Loyal will celebrate tonight but will turn the cheek as they prepare for Las Vegas next Friday night. San Diego will travel to Vegas Friday, June 25, to take on the Lights. San Diego defeated LV 2-1 at home a few weeks ago to earn their first win of the season.

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