2017 San Diego Sports Resolutions

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As a lifelong San Diego sports fan, here’s what I’d like to accomplish in 2017. (warning: some of the following may include jokes and/or sarcasm)

— Wear brown to every Padres’ game I attend
— Find a section of Petco Park I have not yet watched a game from, buy a ticket for said section, watch a game from said section
— Attend Jake Peavy’s first start back at Petco Park as a Padre
— Attend the game where Wil Myers collects 30th home run
— Attend the game where Wil Myers collects 30th stolen base
— Attend Luis Perdomo’s no hitter
— Research the Padres first round draft pick (about whom I will know next-to-nothing)
— Write article about how excited I am about Padres first round draft pick
— Declare Padres first round draft pick as a future All-Star
— For the first time, attend all three games of a Padres series
— Attend both games of a double header (if there is one)
— Continue to be polite and civil when faced with belligerent Dodger fans
— Continue to be polite and civil when faced with belligerent Giant fans
— Congratulate Cubs for World Series victory (sorry, but my dad’s from Chicago)

— Make attending a Padres game on Father’s Day a new tradition (looks like I’m flying to Milwaukee)
— Attend Trevor Hoffman’s induction into the Baseball Hall of Fame (because it is absolutely going to happen in 2017, darn it!)
— Leave a bag of dog poo in Dean Spanos’ parking spot (figuratively, of course)
— Have a Chargers memory day (looking at old ticket stubs, programs, etc) when the team announces its move to Los Angeles
— Figure out how eBay works
— Sell Chargers gear
— Draft a poem portraying Dean Spanos as a 1920’s-era villain
— Learn how photoshop works
— Photoshop Dean Spanos’ head onto the Grinch’s body
— Use Chargers eBay profits to attend more SDSU football games
— Tailgate at SDSU football game
— Buy #19 SDSU football jersey
— Attend at least two SDSU sporting events that aren’t men’s basketball or football (thinking soccer and baseball)
— Attend all three days of the Mountain West men’s basketball tournament
— Attend my first USD Toreros men’s basketball game
— Attend at least two Gulls games
— Buy Gulls jersey
— Wear Gulls jersey to Ducks game
— Attend U.S. Men’s National team game vs. Serbia
— Write article about how much fun I had at U.S. Men’s National team game vs. Serbia
— Argue for MLS expansion to San Diego (by using attendance at U.S. Men’s National team game vs Serbia as evidence)
— Watch a sunset next to my wife at La Jolla Shores wearing a Padres hat
— Ignore all articles about how miserable San Diego sports fans are

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Richard Dorsha
Baseball is the greatest athletic endeavor we have. It is a sport of poetry, beauty and nearly imeasurable levels of skill. The Padres are my team, my only true team. They are the expression of my love for this grand game.
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