San Diego Seals Are Off to Good Start and It’s Easy to See Why

Credit: EVT News

Credit: SD Seals

San Diego, California

The Seals faced off against the Calgary Leathernecks at the Pechanga Sports Arena on Friday.

Since I had seen the buzz on twitter about Indoor or Box Lacrosse, I decided to give it a try. As soon as I entered the arena, I could tell that there was not only a more than respectable crowd (3,500-4,000 fans) but also that a fan culture had already been built.

This is pretty impressive considering the fact that this was only the second home game of the team’s existence. The crowd went nuts after each goal and there already seems to be a fan favorite in goalie Frank “the Tank” Scagliano.

It was fun seeing his play and the action in front of the goal which can get surprisingly physical in heavy traffic with balls traveling well over 100 mph.

Moves with a lacrosse stick are as fun to see as any other sports in terms of ball fakes. There were some stick fakes then shots that were incredibly entertaining to watch during the game. The line moves were also neat to watch – with three or four seemingly shuffling in every few minutes for each team.

Merchandising booths had a steady line of fans looking to buy a Seals hoodie or cap. Many fans were already donning Seals gear in the stands. San Diego Seals representatives were ever present in front of these booths to talk to fans or answer any question they may have.

Perhaps the most exciting thing about this new sports enterprise in San Diego is the entry of multi-billionaire Joe Tsai into the fold. Tsai is just the sort of young and innovative owner that the city of San Diego is thirsting for. It will be interesting and exciting to see what the future holds in terms of his ownership of the Seals.

The Seals beat the Calgary Leathernecks 15-9 on the second home game of their existence. The fans went home happy and the possibilities of a city starving for a new and innovative sports owner grew a tiny bit more. More on him in a future post.

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