San Diego Padres minor league depth (Outfielders)

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Youth with Upside

Cristian Heredia– .765 OPS (.265/.349/.416) AZL Padres

From Spain, this 18-year-old outfielder has some upside to his game. The right-handed hitter has terrific size (6-foot-3) and is already showing power in his bat. Heredia is showing patience to his approach at the plate, but he does struggle to make contact from time to time. Defensively, he has the arm strength and ability to stick in rightfield.

Zayed Salinas- Yet to make pro debut

This Mexican youngster has some exceptional talent as he can pitch and hit. The left-handed swing is capable, where Salinas shows decent power at the plate. There is a chance he could play in both areas moving forward, but the Padres will need to determine that.

Matthew Acosta– .700 OPS (.264/.350/.351) Short-Season Tri-City

Drafted in the 12th round out of USC this past June, Acosta is showcasing some real positive attributes. The left-handed swing is solid, and he should develop gap power in time. The 21-year-old generally makes contact and will take a walk. The left-handed thrower is capable in the outfield with a strong arm. Acosta has pitched before, showcasing a 90 mph heater.

Robbie Podorsky– .722 OPS (.289/.356/.366) Single-A Lake Elsinore

The soon-to-be 25-year-old is scrappy and has arguably some of the best speed in the organization. Not blessed with size, Podorsky gets the absolute most out of his skills. The right-handed swing is short and compact. Podorsky will bunt, and that is certainly a part of his game. The outfield is capable with the glove at all three positions.

Taylor Lomack– .814 OPS (.343/.405/.409) AZL Padres

Taken in the 24th round this past June, Lomack put up impressive numbers in Peoria. The right-handed swing is capable, but he will need to refine his approach slightly and make more contact. The 20-year-old has plenty of speed and brings an impressive glove to the outfield with him.

Angel Solarte– .681 OPS (.248/.307/.374) AZL Padres

This 18-year-old is a natural centerfielder and could make some noise eventually for the Padres. The native of Venezuela has an aggressive right-handed approach at the plate and is capable of some power. Solarte should see some time in Single-A this season.

Jack Suwinski– .653 OPS (.208/.303/.350) Single-A Lake Elsinore

This talented left-handed hitter had a down year last year in the California League. There is power to his swing, but he struggled with contact last year for the Storm. The 21-year-old is capable of playing centerfield but is going to advance in the system at a corner spot.

Dwanya Williams-Sutton– .778 OPS (.236/.411/.367) Single-A Fort Wayne

Drafted in the 5th round in 2018, Williams-Suttin has made a slow climb through the system. There is power to his right-handed swing though he has yet to tap into his potential in that regard. The 22-year-old is patient at the plate and should advance in the system. Defensively, he can play all three spots but is likely a corner outfielder.

Reginald Dowston– .757 OPS (.231/.328/.429) DSL Padres

Dowston is still only 17 and is showing some great ability with the bat. The right-handed hitter provides plenty of bat speed and power. The Dominican native is blessed with great speed and is a natural in centerfield. Because he is so young, Dowston will likely start the 2020 season in the DSL.

Eduard Hidalgo– .738 OPS (.252/.418/.319) DSL Padres

There is a lot of promise with this 17-year-old Venezuelan native. The left-handed swing is solid, and he is showing an excellent eye at the plate. Hidalgo has speed and will swipe a bag on you if you let him. The left-handed thrower is capable of playing all three outfield positions.

El Paso Chihuahuas

Michael Gettys– .822 OPS (.256/.305/.517) Triple-A El Paso

24-year-old Michael Gettys is still in the system, and he is still struggling to make contact consistently. There is power to the right-handed swing, and he has terrific speed as well. Gettys is solid in centerfield as he has a great throwing arm and range. A bit of an unheralded prospect, 2020, will be big for Gettys.

Edwin Rojas– .834 OPS (.279/.420/.414) DSL Padres

This 18-year-old is showing some promise with the bat. The right-handed swing has some power to it, and the 6-foot-2 youngster should continue to develop in that regard. Rojas is showing patience at the plate and some speed on the bags. He is a natural centerfielder with some upside at the position.

Albert Fabian– .743 OPS (.245/.361/.381) DSL Padres

18-year-old Albert Fabian is an interesting prospect. The left-handed hitter shows plus power and a good eye at the plate. There is not much speed to his game, though, and there are some thoughts that he will ultimately end up at first base for the Padres.

Michael Curry– .815 OPS (.285/.379/.437) Single-A Lake Elsinore

Converted catcher Michael Curry has a productive right-handed swing, and he could be a viable prospect in time. The 22-year-old will work a walk, and that is promising for his future. The outfield position is new to Curry, but he is showing that he will be fine in the area.

Taylor Kohlwey– .820 OPS (.302/.396/.424) Triple-A El Paso

This former 21st-round pick has slowly progressed and is very close to major league service time. There is not a lot of power to his left-handed swing. Kohlwey is capable at all the outfield positions but is arguably a corner outfielder moving forward.

Minor League Depth and Uncertainty 

Yordi Francisco– .750 OPS (.251/.324/.426) AZL Padres

Though he has progressed each year with the bat, this 22-year-old is not a young prospect. The left-handed hitter is showing better power, but he is still aggressive at the plate and rarely walks. The Dominican is a decent fielder and can play all over the diamond.

Jose Velez– .650 OPS (.193/.337/.313) DSL Padres

17-year-old Jose Velez isn’t showing much, but he is very young. The right-handed swing is capable of proving power, but he does swing and miss a lot too. Velez has good speed and uses it well in the outfield where he can play all three positions.

Carlos Vergara– .557 OPS (.168/.309/.248) DSL Padres

This 18-year-old is struggling with the bat and making contact consistently. The native of Venezuela can play a decent outfield and will likely need another year of seasoning in the DSL to start the 2020 season.

Payton Smith- .690 OPS (.245/.322/.368) AZL Padres

6-foot-5 Payton Smith has good power but is taking a little bit of time to develop. The 19-year-old was a 22nd-round pick in 2018. His right-handed swing will need some work to advance in the system. He can play all three outfield spots showcasing great recognition on flyballs.

Emmanuel Rodriguez– .267 OPS (.091/.130/.136) DSL Padres

17-year old Emmanuel Rodriguez is an unknown as he only got into a handful of games this season. The right-handed hitter has plus size at 6-foot-4 to be a powerful prospect in time. He is very raw and will need to improve in his outfield defense to really advance in the system.

(Grant Little) Credit: A. Brault/ EVT News

Grant Little– .653 OPS (.256/.338/.315) Single-A Fort Wayne

Little was selected in the 2nd round in 2018 and has failed to live up to the hype. The right-handed swing is compact, but he has very little power. The Texas Tech product has yet to hit a home run as a professional in a little over 400 at-bats. The 22-year-old is a decent defender in all three outfield spots.

Abraham Amonte– .969 OPS (.290/.421/.548) Major Leagues

Added for depth this winter, Almonte has virtually no shot of playing for the Padres. He will need a miraculous spring and several injuries even to earn a spot on the opening day roster. The switch-hitter is 30 and hardly a prospect. He is nothing more than organizational depth.

Nate Easley– .411 OPS (.144/.222/.189) Double-A Amarillo

This 24-year-old is the son of Padres’ batting coach Damien Easley. The right-handed hitter is scrappy but is not blessed with the best skills. He will need some luck to advance in the system as younger, more talented players bury him.

Jawuan Harris– .698 OPS (.212/.346/.352) Single-A Fort Wayne

At 23, Harris is not a young prospect. The right-handed hitter will get on base and does make solid contact with the bat. There is some speed aspect to his game as Harris will swipe a base if you need him. Harris is a good defender in centerfield and should stick at the position.

Eddyson Moreno– .580 OPS (.181/.275/.305) DSL Padres

Moreno is a small outfielder, but the 18-year old shows some decent pop for his size. The left-handed hitter has an issue making contact, but he is still young enough to improve. The Dominican native is a decent glove in the outfield.

Mason House– .469 OPS (.147/.229/.240) Short-Season Tri-City

This 21-year-old has a nice swing, but he has real issues catching up to fastballs. The left-handed hitter was selected in the third round of the 2017 draft but has failed to make it to a full-season team yet. There is not much speed to his game, and he will stick in a corner outfield position.

Jack Stronach– .659 OPS (.236/.319/.340) Short-Season Tri-City

This left-handed hitter has great size (6-foot-3) but is not showing much power with his swing. The 21st-round pick out of UCLA this past June will need to grow and develop a better approach at the plate. The converted third baseman will now play outfield for the Padres moving forward.

Tyler Benson– .790 OPS (.291/.379/.410) Double-A Amarillo

23-year-old Tyler Benson is not very powerful but gets on base. The left-handed swing is level, and he brings good speed to the ballpark. Benson is a good defender despite not having the strongest throwing arm.

Pierce Jones– .396 OPS (.136/.230/.167) AZL Padres

Drafted in the 16th-round in June, Jones has a long road ahead of him to advance in the system. The 18-year-old right-handed hitter struck out entirely too much in his first taste of pro pitching. He has decent speed on the basepaths.

Tre Carter– .600 OPS (.208/.279/.321) Short-Season Tri-City

22-year-old Tre Carter has been in the system for four years. The left-handed hitter shows gap power presently and is not a huge power threat. The 11th-round pick in 2016 can play all three outfield positions.

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  1. So exciting to read about the young Padres! Congrats to the scouting and developmental staff for filling the minors with such talent. Good luck to all of them. Go Pads! Let the kids play!

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