San Diego Loyal and Oakland Roots finish in 2-2 draw


Credit: SD Loyal

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Credit: SD Loyal

A late stunner by Oakland forces a 2-2 draw in the Bay

Wednesday night showcased an intense second half. The San Diego Loyal and Oakland Roots ended in a 2-2 draw after the Roots connected with a goal in stoppage time.

This match seemed to be going San Diego’s way until late in the match.

The first half ended scoreless, but not after a battle between two rivals from last year’s Pacific Division. The first 45 seemed to have gone as smooth as half of soccer could go. Neither side could connect with a goal, but both teams had chances in the first half.

You could say the aggressiveness wasn’t there, but it certainly was. The Loyal did their thing by controlling possession as usual.

It took some time to regroup during halftime for the Loyal to find their rhythm. It didn’t take long for the Loyal to connect with a goal in the second half.

Midfielder Collin Martin found the back of the net with a driller in the upper part of the net in the 52nd minute.

That goal was Martin’s first of the season as the Loyal found themselves on top early in the half.

The next 40 minutes turned into an intense match. Just about 12 minutes later, Roots’ Tarek Morad was issued a red card by the head official. The Loyal looked prime for another win, but it just didn’t turn out that way.

Juan Azocar even the score with a goal for the Roots in the 86th minute.

San Diego did everything they could do to prevent that goal from happening. It proved to be a perfect cross that led to Azocar being wide open in the left side of the box.

San Diego didn’t give up to settle for the draw. Grant Stoneman was in the right spot at the right time as he nailed in the go-ahead goal in the 90th minute right before stoppage time.

That was one for the highlight reels as Stoneman displayed a bicycle kick to take the lead. If it weren’t for a stunner in stoppage time from the Roots, the Loyal would have won their fifth straight match.

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The Loyal continue to find themselves winless in the Bay Area. They weren’t able to fully take advantage of the ten men for the Roots. Yes, they connected with a goal because of it, but the Loyal defenders will have a hard time sleeping tonight knowing they almost escaped with a win.

The team needs to quickly move on as they host Louisville City at Torero Stadium this Saturday. This is an important match for the Loyal as they face one of the better teams in the USL Championship.

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