Ron Fowler Once Again Hints at Padres Wearing Brown in 2020

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Could the San Diego Padres be going back to their brown color on a permanent basis? In a recent interview with Ron Fowler, the owner of the team indicates that still may be an option.

Nick Canepa just released an article for the San Diego Union-Tribune about his visit with Padres executive chairman Ron Fowler. It looks as if Fowler may be changing his tune, even just slightly, in favor of the growing voice of Padres fans who are demanding the brown be restored as the Padres’ primary colors:

“If I were a betting man, I’d say we’re in brown uniforms in 2020,” Fowler continues. “We’re still in the middle of research, but that’s what I believe.”

This is a huge step forward for the man who, only a year ago on the radio, said he does not like the Padres’ “baby poop” brown uniforms.

2020 is the earliest the Padres can change colors, based on Major League Baseball’s rules about uniform changes.

There have been various study groups that have looked into the situation and Fowler said “I think what we have found and we’ll get into that in greater detail. but there’s a…largest minority likes a deep brown uniform, they think it says we’re San Diego, it differentiates us, but it’s a minority. You add it up, that would be the largest minority, the second largest minority is our existing uniform.”

Regardless of what one thinks of how Fowler has run this team, it would be hard to find his comments not at least a little encouraging that they will move to a uniform that is not mind-numbingly boring like the current ones are. Just about anything is better than the current ones. Ugly is better than boring.

It seems like one of the biggest roadblocks to the Bring Back the Brown campaign, Ron Fowler himself, is softening on the idea. Padres fans, for years, have clamored for brown uniforms. Starting in 2016, the Padres have donned an alternate brown and yellow jersey and cap on Friday home games, which is very popular with fans.

Padres fans seem to have multiple reasons now to look forward to 2020, even though Fowler mentions 2021 as the year in this recent article, 2020 is when most think the Padres will make their first of hopefully many playoff pushes.

Of course, what we all really want is for this team to be competing for division crowns and World Series championships. It doesn’t mean they can’t look good doing it.

3 thoughts on “Ron Fowler Once Again Hints at Padres Wearing Brown in 2020

  1. Focus groups lol. Probably how the Padres came up with their soulless corporate logo and “sand” color. This team needs an identity, badly. Going back to tradition is a no-brainer for anyone who isn’t an aloof billionaire.

  2. On a regular basis EVT, and other sites, publish this kind of article. It’s almost as if our fans are incapable of understanding the game at any level deeper than uniform color. 50 years of losing baseball, with lying, cheating owners and fans are silent. Change the uniform colors and fans lose their shit.
    Fans in other cities have heard the “bring back the brown” nonsense and can’t get over it.
    Study groups looking into…uniform color? HAHAHAHAHA.
    How about a study group looking into why this team sucks?
    It’s like going ballistic because your neighbor on one side doesn’t mow his lawn, but ignoring the neighbor on the other side running a meth lab out of his garage.

  3. Thanks for bringing this up. In my opinion…White Jersey’s with the brown pinstripes was the best home jersey ever. A solid brown jersey for the road with yellow or orange trim works. An updated Padres/San Diego logo on the front is needed for both is needed.

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