Q & A with new San Diego Padres prospect Taylor Trammell

Credit: EVT Sports

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Credit: John Moore

Taylor Trammell sat down with East Village Times after his first game in a Sod Poodles uniform.

The San Diego Padres paid a hefty price for a talented young outfielder named Taylor Trammell.

Here is a brief look at the left-handed hitter in his first day with the San Diego Padres organization.

EVT- You finally took the field today after a crazy last few days with the trade happening. How did it feel just to play baseball after all that?

“It feels really good. Especially after a day of traveling, you know? Something to clear my mind. I think it’s just a fun time for me — different environment and atmosphere. I had so much fun today, the guys came out and introduced themselves to me. I didn’t feel any different on the field today than I did in Chattanooga. I feel right at home on that diamond. I felt great today.”

EVT- How do you approach hitting? What about in a park like Hodgetown?

“If you look at any hitter when they are good, they are hitting the ball the other way. Not just pulling balls, pulling balls, pulling balls. You have to think the other way. Use the field. I think this is going to help me the rest of the year because I can consistently think left-center, that’s going to be good for my swing. Not trying to do too much because the ball is going to go out it if you hit it well in a park like this.”

EVT- Not the performance you wanted tonight in the box score with the 0-for-4, but how did you feel that it went tonight and did traveling have an impact?

“Given the fact that I had a full day of travel and everything like that. I competed today. I felt like I had some good at-bats. I got to an 0-2 count and worked it to a 3-2 count. I just felt really good today. You know results didn’t happen. My first at-bat I felt really good. I put a really good swing on the ball. The second at-bat I hit it good, but I hit it straight down. And the third at-bat he got me, made some great pitches in that at-bat. The fourth he just got in on me. I made a good swing, but I was just a little late, and I should have gotten to it, but I felt good.”

EVT- I know this isn’t your first run in with Buddy Reed. How does it feel to have a familiar face on a brand new team?

“It feels good man. I know Buddy, of course. I was with him at the Future’s Game last year. Played against him in the fall league. It’s really good to be around him. He’s just lightning and a burst of energy in the dugout. I met MacKenzie Gore at the Futures Game as well, that’s another familiar face. Also, I played against Zunica while he was at Fort Wayne too.”

EVT- What do you want the Padres fans to know about you now that you’re officially here?

“I am here to play not to mess around or play around. I will contribute to the team. The way I play or go about my business everything is like that. They will get someone who will go out and compete every single day. Never give up, never get down on myself, not a quitter. If I’m not getting the job done then you sure as heck can bet that I’ll find a way to get it done in the future. Those pitchers battle their tails off and I’m not going to let their ERA to go up. I got upset today because it took a bad hop first time on the field. I would have been really upset if that run would have scored.”

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