Padres Special: 5 Reasons to be Thankful For the San Diego Padres

Photo by Focus on Sport/Getty Images
Photo by Focus on Sport/Getty Images

Tony Gwynn

The man was something very special to the city of San Diego. He will always be known as Mr. Padre and that title could never even be bestowed on another. He loved the game of baseball, the San Diego Padres and the City of San Diego.

His loss still saddens me to this very day. We as Padres fans are thankful to have known this man. Thankful to have seen him play for our team and represent our city in a way that made us proud. His presence is still felt around the team and his loss was way too early. Gwynn should have had many more productive years. Many more years of teaching the youth, which he loved most.

Tony Gwynn was a great hitter. He understood his limitations and he knew how to play the game the correct way. The fact Gwynn spent his entire career as a Padre, speaks of the type of character he possessed. He could have easily went to play for another team for more money but was loyal to the city and the team. For that the fans of the Padres will forever be in debt to him and thankful for him.

To say the Padres fortune has changed in the past year is an absolute understatement. The team has made major strides and should continue to grow in a positive direction. As a fan, we should be thankful and at the same time root with a bit of patience. This Padres franchise has high aspirations, but those lofty goals cannot be achieved over night. The future of this franchise gives Padres fans much to be thankful for.

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