Padres News: The Latest Information on Cashner Trade Talks

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Credit: AP Photo
Credit: AP Photo

The San Diego Padres are inching closer to moving Andrew Cashner before the August 1st trade deadline. The Padres are reportedly talking to multiple teams in an attempt to get the biggest return for their big right handed pitcher.

A.J. Preller is open to discuss the issue and it really seems obvious that Cashner will be dealt. In fact the pitcher himself told reporters after his last start on Thursday that he is going to be moved. He has had two great starts since returning from the All-Star break and his stuff hasn’t looked better this year. The fact Preller is discussing dealing the pitcher openly pretty much indicates that a deal will be done eventually. He is likely weighing out his options and attempting to drive up the asking price. The Qualifying Offer and the potential Cashner could earn one is one thing to consider. The Padres will surely command a decent price for Cashner because they could very easily hold onto him and get an extra pick in next years June draft. Anything can truly happen.

Cashner is picking a great time to throw better. The Padres surely need a decent return for him as the team tries to rebuild its farm system. Not that the farm system is struggling, but the team is on a mission to get strong in every aspect of the game. I would suspect the Padres make some trades for minor leaguers that are a little further along in their development. The team is already full of 16-20 year old talent. Adding some prospects who have a little more maturity might be a great fit for the team. However the team will always go for ability and upside. That seems to be their current plan as far as acquiring young players.

Padres general manager A.J. Preller is surely scouring all of major league baseball for a suitable trade partner. The Padres really have the upper hand coming into this trade deadline. With Cashner, Ryan Buchter, Derek Norris, Brad Hand, Melvin Upton Jr. and Jon Jay, the team has viable parts that major league teams covet. You could even argue that an American League team could use Matt Kemp for the right price. Do not take the following trades as a fire sale though Padres fans. The team is re-tooling and making room for the young kids that need to play. Austin Hedges and Hunter Renfroe need at bats in order to determine if they are viable major league options for the team.

This trade deadline will be exciting. Andrew Cashner should fetch a decent return. The Orioles, Blue Jays, Mets, Rangers, Astros, and Tigers could all be good fits. The Rangers are still my favorite to land his services. We will just have to wait and see what direction Padres management goes and what kind of return they can fetch for the Big Texan. Seeing Cashner leave will be rough for Padres fans as he represents the loss of both Anthony Rizzo and Adrian Gonzalez. Cashner has all the potential in the world but for whatever reason has failed to put it all together for the Padres.

Stay tuned Padres fans as we try to keep you informed on any and all trade talk here at East Village Times.

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