Padres have something special in Ethan Salas

Credit: El Emergente

Credit: El Emergente

Ethan Salas was signed by the San Diego Padres during this international signing period and could be a very special player. 

The catching position is not easy.

To successfully become a major league catcher, there are a lot of variables. For the San Diego Padres, they may have found the next catching phenom in Ethan Salas. The 16-year-old just signed with the Padres for $5.6 million in this international signing period which is a new major league record.

That is a tremendous amount for teenager, but it may turn out to be a steal for San Diego.

Salas is years away from paying dividends at the major league level, but the Padres are undoubtedly excited about the future of this Venezuelan youngster.

The sweet left-handed swing of Salas is not his best tool, as he is regarded as a plus defender with excellent footwork and a rocket arm. Pitchers enjoy throwing to him despite the fact he is so young. Often, defense is the last thing to develop on major league catchers. The fact Salas is already regarded as a plus defender only builds his value.

In San Diego this week, the left-handed hitting catcher spoke to the media and raised eyebrows with his composure in front of the cameras. Displaying a calm, relaxed demeanor at an early age bodes well for his future. You must remain calm to enjoy success in the game. Salas certainly displays that trait.

The youngster’s personality is also striking as he captured the room with his dynamic smile and remarkable poise. Most teenagers are not capable of handling themselves in a situation like this, let alone a teenager who utilizes English as a second language.

The Padres’ new prospect spoke to the media and displayed fantastic communication skills.

Ethan Salas lights up a room at his age. There is an aura emanating from this young catcher. His communication skills are off the charts.

Chris Kemp is sold on the swing from this young catcher. The San Diego Padres international scouting director was not candid about Salas and his abilities. The Padres have a special young talent, and he could blossom further under the watchful eye of Kemp and the Padres staff.

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Ethan Salas is years away from playing any baseball games at Petco Park. We must not forget that fact.

The hype is real, though. It may take time for him to be a household name, but it could come. For the Padres, they are just pleased to have the young man in their system. Keep an eye on Salas in the coming years as he begins his time in the minor leagues.

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