Padres EVT Podcast: Episode 61 with Kyle Glaser

Credit: EVT

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Credit: EVT


The San Diego Padres are built for the future.

No other time in Padre history has there been an abundance of high-ceiling prospects, like there is now.

With all that being said, we thought we would bring in native San Diegan and Baseball America writer, Kyle Glaser, to discuss the minor league system. The premise of this podcast is to go over the best tools in the system. This was fun.

We went through all the aspects of the game from hitting to running to fielding.

Kyle gives us a great breakdown on nearly all the Padres top prospects. Great stuff here.

Michel Baez, Josh Naylor, Luis Urias, and Eric Lauer are discussed in depth. As is Michael Gettys, who we all agree is the toolsiest player in the farm system. He has just sadly not been able to get his bat in order to be productive.

Mackenzie Gore and a few of the 2017 picks were discussed, as we cover all the bases.

A great show that ran a little over in time. We were cranking out some great content so we just went with it. Our apologies.

Thank you for the listen and let us know if you have any questions, comments, or concerns.

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2 thoughts on “Padres EVT Podcast: Episode 61 with Kyle Glaser

  1. I will agree with Kyle in the fact that the Padres farm system was highly ranked back in 2014, but at that time the system was filled with low ceiling/high floor guys without any real chance of any of them becoming “stars”. This current system however, is filled with high risk, high ceiling/basement prospects(boom or bust), with a chance to see multiple guys become all stars down the road if everything breaks right. Only time will tell if Preller and Co., or possibly Dee, should have stuck with what the Padres had in the system or if this all out high risk route was/is the way to go. Either way, all us Padre fans have something to talk about, because the big league club can’t even tank properly. 🙂 Another top 3 pick, plus wonning the top pick in the comp A round would do wonders for this ever evolving system. Great job as usual guys, go Padres!!

    1. Thank you for the comments. Yes, I think this system is the best the team has ever had. Of course the 2014 team had some real talent, but this group is just coming into their own as players. Exciting times for sure.

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