Padres EVT Podcast: Episode 52 with James & Patrick (Trade Deadline Special)

Credit: EVT

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Credit: EVT


In this episode, we podcast about the trade deadline. It was a quiet one for Padre fans.

A.J. stood pat and failed to deal Brad Hand. Many were surprised by this.

We discuss what happened and why the team did not get a deal done.

In the end the Padres did not get a package they were comfortable with, so they decided to keep Hand. You cannot fault the team for not making a deal just for the sake of it. Hand has excellent value and the team knew that. It is a shame a decent haul of prospects was not attained, but you never know what the future brings.

Preller is a hard one to predict. He has shown in the past that he does what he feels is right and ignores the common perception.

We briefly discuss the Anderson Espinoza injury, but instead try to focus on the good within the farm system.

Michel Baez has taken huge strides forward and a player like him helps soften the loss of Espinoza.

Austin Allen has been tearing it up in Lake Elsinore and we discuss if it is time to move him up. A promotion would also allow Marcus Greene Jr. to begin his service time in the California League. He has been tearing it up in Fort Wayne, and the backstop could also be moving up the ranks soon.

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