Padres EVT Podcast: Episode 24 with Geoff Young

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Credit: Fox Sports SD
Credit: Fox Sports SD

In this 24th episode of the Padres EVT Podcast we bring you Geoff Young of Baseball Prospectus fame. Geoff starting writing about the San Diego Padres in September of 1997 on a blog named Ducksnorts. Most Padres fans from the era are familiar with his work. He retired from his blog in September of 2011 and since has taken up writing a bit about the Padres for That is almost 20 years of writing about the team. He certainly has seen much when it comes to the history of the San Diego Padres.

Currently Geoff is a baseball writer and editor for It is a wonderful site that takes a lighter look at sports. The writings on the site are very enjoyable and cover a wide aspect of the sports community. Geoff also does a podcast entitled the “Off- Balance Three” in which he hosts a sports related podcast with two other guys. A great show and a highly recommend you check it out.

We pick his brain about the current Padres roster, but we had to first talk about his past and his accomplishments writing about the team. His Ducksnorts Baseball Annuals were masterpieces of behind the scenes type information that most fans had no way of knowing. The internet and baseball resources themselves (especially specifically for the Padres) were at their infancy and his annuals were a wealth of information about the team.

“More than any sane person should know about the San Diego Padres” was written on the 2009 version of these books. That certainly sums up the information that was included in these annuals. We talk about the books and get the scoop on the three years in which he wrote them. Sandy Alderson wrote the foreword for the first annual in 2007 and we ask about his relationship with Padres management of that era. We also ask Geoff his thoughts on the current San Diego Padres ownership group and how they differ from past regimes. He gives some interesting answers about the ownership group.

Ron Fowler and the James Shields situation is actively talked about as Geoff tells us his feeling about Fowler. We all agree the situation should have been handled better by Padres ownership. The Baseball Prospectus guide is discussed and I specifically ask Geoff about the Robbie Erlin write-up in the 2016 edition of the book. The Erlin write-up consists of a Johnny Cash knockoff song that Geoff graciously sings to us. You WILL NOT want to miss it.

Geoff was an absolute great guest and we will definitely have him on again as we barely scratched the surface of what we wanted to discuss with him. We thank him very much for coming on the show and look forward to bringing you more quality Padres news and information. Like always, if you have any questions or concerns, please let us know. Thank you and enjoy the 24th episode of the show. Go Padres!

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