Padres EVT Podcast: Episode 123 with Danny Vietti

Credit: EVT Sports

Credit: EVT Sports

The San Diego Padres EVT Podcast is back!

After a six month break, James Clark is back to talk about the San Diego Padres with some of the biggest experts in baseball.

With the revitalization of the podcast, there is a new co-host. James is joined by Dominc Stearn, a Sports Journalism student, and lifelong Padres fan, to help produce the podcast. 

In their first episode back, James and Dominic were joined by Danny Vietti of CBS Sports MLB. 

Enjoy and let us know if you have any questions, comments, or concerns.


0:30 Intro

11:40  Danny Vietti Joins the podcast

13:40  What have we learned about the Padres?

16:00 Live Mics on Players

24:30 Padres Playoff Matchups

26:52 Get to know Danny Vietti

36:50 Players on Social Media

39:10 The Other Padres

42:42 James and Dominic wrap it up


Listen to the Podcast Here:


We hope that you enjoyed the return of the EVT Podcast. Make sure to follow us on Twitter if you enjoyed the podcast, @EVTPodcast. To know whenever we publish another article, follow us @EVT_News or @SD_SportingNews. Follow James, @EVT_JClark, and Dominic, @dmstearn19 to see all of their content. Lastly, make sure to follow our guest Danny, @DannyVietti, to see all of his content. 

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3 thoughts on “Padres EVT Podcast: Episode 123 with Danny Vietti

  1. Haven’t had a chance to listen yet James, but glad to have you back!! Been such a great year for the Padres, I would have thought you would be doing a Podcast every day!!! 🙂

    1. Hi Dustin,
      We’re glad that you’re glad that we are back. Even though James hasn’t been podcasting, I have been doing podcasts with another EVT writer, Bobby Murphy, following every series. We haven’t been posting them to the site, but we’ve been posting them on Twitter.

      1. Thanks Dominic. I am not on “the twitter”, so maybe that is why I haven’t been seeing them. The Pads took it on the chin this week, but didn’t give in any of the games, which is nice to see. Can’t wait for Hosmer and Pham to get back. If they can hit anywhere close to their career norms, they will be two great pick ups for the playoffs. Tatis has to get that swagger back and has to start hitting the ball again if this team has any chance of making noise this post season.

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