Padres clubhouse to be self-managed in 2020

Padres Manny Machado

Mandatory Credit: Jake Roth-USA TODAY Sports

Mandatory Credit: Jake Roth-USA TODAY Sports

There is a sense that Jayce Tingler will leave his players alone and allow the San Diego Padres’ clubhouse to grow as the season goes along. 

Jayce Tingler indicated on his first day of spring camp that he expects much from his veteran players.

The team has a core group of individuals, both on the pitching and hitting side that is responsible for helping in the growth of the young players. Eric Hosmer, Manny Machado, and most importantly, Tommy Pham will handle the hitting group. Craig Stammen and Kirby Yates provide a veteran presence for the bullpen, and even the young rotation has Garrett Richards and Zach Davies, to some degree, to assist in the cultivation of youth.

When you have a unit structured like this, you need to sit back and trust the process if you are a coach. The franchise brought these men into these roles to lead, and getting in their way only complicates things. The players must police themselves, and it sounds like Jayce Tingler agrees wholeheartedly. “I believe that players should run their clubhouse,” Tingler said to the media. He was unequivocal in indicating that some men must step up and lead.

The Padres are currently one of the youngest teams in all of baseball. The squad will only get younger as the prospect train is just starting to roll in. 20-year-old pitchers MacKenzie Gore and Luis Patino are close to major league service time, and there are plenty of reinforcements behind them. There is no doubt the Padres will continue to have a young team.

So what does it mean to lead?

The manager was clear in what he is looking for. “Hold everyone up to the same standards and goals,” Tingler stated in Peoria. No matter if you are a veteran or a rookie, the expectation will be the same as far as putting in your daily work. This is quite refreshing. The Padres’ veteran leaders will have their hands full this year, but that is just part of the process. With more responsibility as a unit, the hope is that the team will translate that into wins on the standings sheet.

In the spring, the veterans will begin to establish themselves in the locker room. “It will be their job to provide that clarity to the younger players that are coming up,” Tingler said. There are expectations with this group of players as they have lofty goals. Jayce Tingler is known as a coach capable of cultivating talent. His past responsibilities seemed to always be in the player development department. The Padres and their young players are getting a manager that is a communicator, but it sounds like he wants the law to be laid down by the players themselves.

The 2020 Padres are sure to be unlike any recent team San Diego has rooted for in the past. Accountability is a big talk of camp as this team attempts to turn the corner and consistently become a winning franchise. If and when this happens- the veterans will be vital in changing the culture. Jayce Tingler is well aware of that fact.

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3 years ago

Totally agree with Tony. Fundamental baseball. Play baseball hard and win every series. Set realistic goals and play for each other. Go Pads!

Tanned Tom
Tanned Tom
3 years ago

If we’re counting on Hosmer to be a leader, we might as well forget about it right now, because he shouldn’t even be on major league roster, let alone be a clubhouse leader.

Tony C
Tony C
3 years ago

I believe it’s important that the players hold themselves and each other accountable. They’ve all been doing this a long time. They know what they need to do by now and they have a good idea what the guy next to them should be doing.

I hope this new approach will embolden the players to do what’s needed including calling another player onto the carpet. If something isn’t working, they each need to say so and insist on changes. If Hosmer’s personal swing coach (his brother) isn’t making him better… insist on change.

The team will be going through growth and transition this year heading into next year and the potential to compete on a higher level. New attitudes and direction within the team is an important change.

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