Padres Birthday Spotlight: Rudy Seanez

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Happy 49th birthday to the reliever from Brawley, CA, Rudy Seanez (see-AHN-yez).

Seanez was a well-traveled pitcher who played for nine different teams during his successful 17-year career. He was a part of Padres history even when he was not pitching for San Diego. He appeared in the 1998 playoffs with the Atlanta Braves, when the Braves duked it out with San Diego in the NLCS. He pitched in four games that series, going 3 2/3 innings while allowing two runs and striking out four. He got the hold in Game 5 when the Braves won 7-6.

But since this is a Padres site, let’s focus on when he was pitching for the “good guys,” which he did in four separate stints.

His first was before the 1998 playoffs. After he started his career with the Cleveland Indians to start the 90’s decade, he suffered an injury and was made a free agent in the middle of the 1993 season. The Padres snatched him up a week later. He appeared in just three games with San Diego. Injuries slowed him in the beginning of his long career. He pitched 3 1/3 innings and allowed five runs before being shut down.

After the 1993 season, he made stops in Los Angeles and the aforementioned Atlanta Braves. In 2001, San Diego once again signed him as a free agent before the season. He had much better success this time around. In 26 appearances, he posted a 2.63 ERA, striking out 24 in 24 innings of work. The Padres then traded him before the waiver deadline in August that season back to the Braves.

Before his third trip to San Diego, he had cups of coffee with the Rangers, Red Sox, Royals, and Marlins. Then for the third time, the Padres signed him in free agency before the 2005 season, which, if you remember, was a big year for San Diego. Seanez was a vital part of that bullpen that helped the Friars clinch their first N.L. West title since 1998. He appeared in 57 games with a solid 2.69 ERA, with 84 strikeouts in 60 1/3 innings. He appeared in two games during the Division Series against St. Louis, but struggled a bit. He allowed two runs in three innings.

That next season, he originally signed with the Red Sox, where he appeared in 41 games with a 4.82 ERA, He was released by the Sox, and once again the Friars picked him up, this being the fourth time. He appeared in eight games with a 5.68 ERA for San Diego to help them shore-up a second straight division title. He also appeared in one playoff game for them. He finished his career pitching for the Dodgers, and lastly the Phillies, where he had a successful end, appearing in 42 games with a 3.53 ERA in Philadelphia’s World Series championship year of 2008.

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