November will bring big roster cut for Padres

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There will be a roster cut soon for the San Diego Padres who currently have 51-men on their 40-man roster.

Five days after the 2019 World Series, all major league teams must have their 40-man rosters in order. This includes all IL’d players- who must be accounted for and placed on the roster as well. It is a hectic time for all major league franchises.

With 51-men on their current roster, there will be several moves made by the San Diego Padres as the offseason begins. The team will need to clear 11 men from the current major league-eligible roster, and that does not include if they want to protect or claim anyone from the Rule-5 draft which is in the latter part of the month. That is always a possibility as the Padres are indeed bargain hunters and they also have some men that might need to be added.

A.J. Preller and his staff will be busy this November. This we know for sure.

When a player is placed on the 60-day IL, the team is eligible to add another player to their roster. That is how the Padres have 51 men in the group.

The following 11 players are currently on the 60-day IL. Jacob Nix, Franchy Cordero, and Garrett Richards could return this season as each is rehabbing in the minors presently. Cordero does seem like a longshot though and could be shut down for the year.

Beyond those three, the other eight remaining men are essentially done with their 2019 season.


Jose Castillo

Miguel Diaz

Brett Kennedy

Aaron Loup

Jacob Nix

Garrett Richards

Robert Stock

Adam Warren

Ian Kinsler

Fernando Tatis Jr.

Franchy Cordero

Tatis, Diaz, and Castillo will be retained for next season. Those three men are a lock, as are the three men currently on rehab (Nix, Richards, and Cordero). Ian Kinsler is under contract for next year and could be retained. Stock, Warren, Loup, and Kennedy are probably not going to make it through the roster purge in November, but that only clears four spots out of the eleven that are required.

There are three men on the 10-day IL currently.


Carl Edwards Jr.

Adrian Morejon

Francisco Mejia

Adrian Morejon and Francisco Mejia are not going anywhere, but Edwards didn’t show much in his short time with the club. He could return at some point this season but will need to pitch well not to be cut in November. He gives the club five of the required eleven roster spots.

Lastly on the roster, there are four men on the 40-man who are currently in the minors.

Currently in minors

Pedro Avila

Anderson Espinoza-

Luis Torrens

Edward Olivares

Pedro Avila and Anderson Espinoza are both seriously hurt. They will miss all of the 2020 season. Torrens and Olivares are both young prospects. Though Torrens has a year’s worth of service time, he is still considered a young player. This group will probably provide no cuts in November unless the team wishes to risk Avila, Torrens or Wingenter in the open market.

This leaves us with roughly five or six men that must be cut from the active roster. (Craig Stammen will be leaving via free agency)

Robbie Erlin

Javy Guerra

Nick Margevicius

Luis Perdomo

Gerardo Reyes

Eric Yardley

Greg Garcia

Seth Mejias-Brean

Nick Martini

Travis Jankowski

Luckily there are some men in this group of men that will not be retained. Mejias-Brean, Erlin, and Yardley jump off the page right away. Reyes is an interesting case as he is not considered a young prospect. He has top-velocity stuff but has struggled in the majors. Margevicius and Perdomo are young enough to avoid being cut. Guerra is someone to keep an eye on when cuts start coming. The Padres are fascinated with his pitching abilities, but he is certainly a project. Garcia is a clubhouse favorite and should make it through the cuts. Jankowski and Martini are competing against each other for playing time. This is a situation to keep an eye on in November.

The San Diego Padres can remove 11 men from the roster and not damage the team. It will take some calculated moves, and there will surely be a surprise or two. But it is possible.

It is also important to remember that a trade can also create roster space. The Padres can make several moves and quite frankly look poised to do so in the winter.

This offseason will be an interesting one for San Diego, and the transactions will start right away.

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14 thoughts on “November will bring big roster cut for Padres

  1. The only thing I see consistently is building franchise value. This management team has not tried to win consistently because they are obsessed with the price of everything and the value of nothing. If you haven’t noticed, we are loaded with Spanish speakers and an English speaking manager who doesn’t qualify as “leader of men” for whatever reason. Maybe that’s because he is just an A.J. Preller yes man that puts his own interests ahead of his players. The players smell that kind of lack of leadership a mile a way. The youngsters will always play hard because that’s what they do. Machado has more influence with the players than Green. And he’ not management material, as much as I love the guy. He’s a superstar, not a manager. We’ve been paying for Triple-A baseball at the major league level way too long. And it all started with the GM that sent Dave Dombroski a sore armed pitcher with fake medical records. Think that might affect how many trades we make? Why our roster is so lopsided? Leadership doesn’t come out of a text book. It is an all too human skill not easily taught or learned. We don’t have it above the player level. At least not where it matters.

  2. Would not be surprising to see many of these guys traded. Myers and Hosmer are essentially untradeable, but Renfroe is not. His wRC+ is 99. Hosmer’s is 101, Myers is 97. Even money Myers is leading the group by year’s end.
    Look for Preller to churn the roster, so Renfroe should go, and one way or the other Kinsler. Also at least one big trade where the Padres throw quantity at a team for a more useful player or a prospect.

  3. Who are the soon-to-be-needed-to-be-added to the 40 man roster…as in minor leaguers? And when, and how does this complicate all of the above?

    1. 2019 Rule 5 eligible:

      Webster Rivas, Aderlin Rodriquez, Jason Vosler, Michael Gettys, Jerry Keel, Emmanuel Ramirez, Tyler Higgins, Trevor Megill, Travis Radke, Taylor Kohlwey, Evan Miller, Brad Zunica, Ivan Castillo, Buddy Reed, Jorge Ona, Nate Easley, Jesse Scholtens, Lake Bachar, Dauris Valdez, Jeam Cosme, Jordan Guerrero, Eguy Rosario, Esteury Ruiz, Henry Henry, Hansel Rodriguez, Austin Smith and Reinaldo Ilarraza.

  4. Good analysis.

    I can’t remember the Padres ever having this many on the 60 day list and there is abuse of this classification throughout baseball. Along with the new change next year limiting September call ups to 28 it’s beyond time for baseball to implement some type of “injured reserve” classification similar to football to advance competition. 60 days is too short and to allows to many players to be controlled during the season, which was the basis for limiting rosters to 40 in the first place.

  5. First cut this November should be Andy Green. Bring in an old school manager that believes in hit and run, knows how to use a bullpen and teach pitchers how to sacrifice. A manager that does not believe in the shift or launch angle and holds every player accountable for their performance. One that insists on every player hustling. Most Padre fans have grown tired of watching players with a 200 – 240 batting averages trying to hit 500 foot home runs when they are down in the count. The Padres need more players that hit for higher averages and pitchers that pitch to contact rather than always trying to strike everyone out. That’s one of the reasons why our pitchers don’t throw past the sixth inning. Their pitch counts are way too high by then.

    1. Worst case scenario is what Matt is asking for. The entire league is going to data. The manager’s job isn’t to coach players on how to hit. Green decides very little on his own, it’s almost all done by committee per a recent preller interview.

      Not saying green should stay, just that bringing in someone who doesn’t understand fundamental analytics when (Dodgers, Astros, Rays, Sox, NYY) all good teams are extremely data focused is a terrible idea. Bringing in high OBP players is a preller thing, not green.

      For the below, Hosmer’s contract is too bad to trade for starting pitching. I think we should platoon Myers and Hosmer at 1b if we can’t unload either of their contracts. The time is coming friends, we’re already 10x more exciting than we were last year. Building a legacy off homegrown talent takes time.

    1. There is not a single team on the planet that would take hosmer at $20mil per yer. He is dead weight that will continue to take this team down. How does AG respond? Batting him 4th, and keeping him in there against lefties.

      This is proof that neither AG or AJ plan on having the best team on the field. In other words, they are literally not trying to win, yet they are fully in control of this team that so many have followed for 50+ years!

    1. Name me one other GM who turned around a similar situation in 3 yrs? Yes 3 yrs, cause AJ wasnt calling the shots in 14 and 15. Luhnow, the best front office in baseball still had assets like Altuve and Springer before they arrived and Drafted in the first 2 picks the first four years he was there. Even when making the Aiken mistake they come back with Alex Bregman with the comp pick the following year. Theo and Jed, the same. They’re 1st rd picks for 4 straight years were on the 16 WS team. The had assets to flip and look into how they got Kyle Hendricks for fortunate scenarios. How many years has ATL had a top 3 farm system and they are still trying. 2019 looks to be their year. Not the Royals, Nats, White Sox, Mariners, Blue Jays, Mets

      AJ isnt without flaws, but you cant deny he rebuilt a farm system devoid of talent and put talent at every level. The Andy haters will most likely get their wish at the end of the season. Its been a tough 2 yrs but there is light at the end of the tunnel. Im not going to roast ownership or the front office if it take another year to shake out the issues. Even with all the warts, its a heck of alot better product than the Moorad/ Brynes days..

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