My Experience Covering a Tijuana Xolos Match for EVT

Credit: Xolos

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Credit: M.Vazquez

Last night I had a great experience covering a Mexican Soccer match for the first time in my career. Through the years I have heard many things about the atmosphere at “estadio caliente”, and yesterday I finally got a taste of it firsthand.

I arrived early in order to get to the press box on time. All team personnel were helpful and kind, and I wish to thank them for that. I got to my seat two hours before kickoff and had the opportunity to watch the Xolos U-20 team.

The game started at 7:10 pm, and the crowd was very into the game, despite the fact that the weather was very cold.

The first half didn’t have many scoring chances for either side, but that gave me an opportunity to interact with members of the media, including Mighty 1090 host, Darren Smith.

I talked to him about his experiences at Xolos games. He said he’s been crossing the border for at least a couple of years, and that he absolutely loves the games. He also told me that he doesn’t understand how a local Tijuana team can pay for their own soccer stadium, but a billion dollar franchise like the Chargers insisted on taking public money. I found that point very interesting. I also found Smith very approachable and down to earth, which may be the reason why so many people in San Diego love his show.

When the second half kicked off, I returned to my seat and watched the rest of the game, interacting with Spanish-speaking media members mostly. The game itself didn’t have many highlights, but I was amazed at the fact that many Xolos fans took their shirt off after the only goal of the match. Remember, it was very cold that night.

After the game, my EVT colleague and I went down to the press conference to catch reactions from both managers It was an awesome experience because I got see up close and personal the comments of each coach.

All in all it was a great experience, and I am looking forward to covering the team on a consistent basis. I have to give massive thanks to everyone involved with the Xolos staff because they treat everyone the same. It doesn’t matter if you come from a national publication or a local newspaper. On a personal note, I will continue to work hard in order to provide EVT readers with a fresh and interesting take on the Mexican soccer league.

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