Marcus Stroman Would Bring Edge to Padres, But Worth the Cost?

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Marcus Stroman would bring an edge to the San Diego Padres if they were to acquire him to help lead this young staff.

With a young rotation, the San Diego Padres could sure use a veteran presence. Not just a pitcher to eat innings, but a man who would take charge and help lead a very promising young bunch.

Names like Matthew Boyd, Noah Syndergaard, and Trevor Bauer have been linked to the Padres in the past few weeks and months, but one name could bring an exciting element to a youthful Friar team.

Marcus Stroman is not shy. He speaks his mind. The right-handed pitcher loves the game of baseball, and he enjoys competing.

The Toronto Blue Jays are currently 39-64. Their season is over. Stroman has already indicated that he is ready to move on and all signs point to the Blue Jays trading him in the coming week. Unlike the Indians with Bauer, the Jays are out of contention. They will move Stroman and try to maximize his value.

The right-handed pitcher is due for free agency after the 2021 season, so a potential trade partner would only get one full year of service time for the pitcher before he tests the open market. That is a massive factor for a trade partner.

Recent speculation has the Padres potentially sending a trio of pitching prospects to the Blue Jays for Stroman. Names like Luis Patino, Michel Baez, and Adrian Morejon have been mentioned. So have rookie pitchers Logan Allen and Cal Quantrill. The Jays want pitching in return, and the Padres have plenty of young hurlers who could be dealt.

The Padres do need to be cautious, though. They cannot afford to deal a top-notch major league prospect or two for a pitcher that they will only have under contract for 16 months. Stroman is enticing though. He is a sparkplug and would undoubtedly demand the best from his fellow starters. But the future of the Padres is what is important. Getting extended too far could be dangerous for a franchise trying to find relevancy.

Adding Marcus Stroman to the mix would help this young Padres team. And there is no debating that. He is currently 6-10 with a 3.06 ERA and a 1.249 WHIP. The 28-year-old has thrown 117.2 innings and has already produced a 3.0 WAR. The first time all-star is enjoying a terrific year and doing it at a great time. His energy and enthusiasm would be contagious in the locker room. He would bring an edge to the Padres that can only come from an ace.

It will all come down to cost. The Padres can afford to move some young talent, but they are not inclined to go “all in” just yet. The edge that would come from Stroman would be a welcomed addition but, without an extension to his contract, the cost may just be too much for the Padres to pay. At least not at this point. There are far too many other issues that need to be resolved on this last-place team. That is a harsh reality.

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11 thoughts on “Marcus Stroman Would Bring Edge to Padres, But Worth the Cost?

  1. Sorry, from my post a few moments ago, of course I meant 2.50 ERA in NL West, not AL West, humble apologies.

  2. Stroman’s 3.06 ERA while regularly navigating Yankees and Red Sox lineups in AL East, (c/w DH, not 3 pitcher outs every game) is equivalent to a 2.50 ERA in AL West. Padres currently have anyone like that? No, didn’t think so. Blue Jay minimum ask would be Logan Allen and Cal Quantrill, anything less and the Jays hangup the phone super quick, guaranteed!

  3. Would it be so bad to stay pat and let our top pitching prospects have the rest of the season to get a taste of the major leagues? That way we don’t lose any of our prospects and AJ can turn his attention to improving centerfield. This also gives basically the last third of the season to see what kind of players Luis Urias and Francisco Mejia are and if they will fit in the future plans. As streaky as the team is, even if we got a wild card spot how much more will they advance past that? I’m for letting the youngsters get more major league experience and keep this core together.

  4. If he’s a free agent after 2021, they’d get “two” full seasons before he’s a free agent. According to Spotrac, he’s a free agent after 2020, so it’s accurate he would only be under control for one year.

  5. Unfortunately the season is mostly over for San Diego. Going 2-8 over the last 2 weeks has left them 6 games out of a wild card spot, and behind 6 teams. In other words, they need a tear, a 6-8 game winning streak just to become relevant again. This team’s season was in the balance and they were managed with no sense of urgency. The front office should consider the significance of that.
    As for Stroman, probably not. The team is simply not good enough to justify that kind of move, being this far behind. Preller needs to be busy over the next week, moving players off the roster who are not part of the next good team. We’ll see if he realizes that.

  6. Don, they need to actually move some players or face losing them in the rule 5 draft. Making a trade might be the smarter way to go as opposed to signing an expensive free agent to a long term contract. A Stroman would be that guide along with Richards to bring the veteran presence to the staff that will lead the young guys they are running out their now getting experience.

  7. Would be bold. But not necessarily smart. Padres would basically have to win a championship in 2020 to make trading for Stroman worth it.

  8. James, is he a free agent after the “2020” season or the “2021”? You listed 2021, but then said that he would only have one full season left. Makes a difference in my mind. Also, what they want/ask for is not necessarily what they get. He is not an “ACE” pitcher like others who have garnered that much in return. Send Baez, Cantillo and some one like Ty France to make the deal.

  9. So they want 3 – Top 100 pitching prospects for a mediocre #3 starter.

    ROFLOL!!! PASS!!!!

    Scherzer, or deGrom, True Aces, Yes. Not buying over hyped stuff on the market.

    Sign Gerrit Cole, loose no players.

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