It’s the Seventh Round & Pick #198 is LHP Nick Margevicius By the Padres

Credit: The Rider News


After taking six straight high school players, the team drafted a left-handed collegiate pitcher out of Morehead State.

The team already selected Mackenzie Gore, Luis Campusano, Blake Hunt, Mason House, Sam Keating, Jonny Hozma, and Aaaron Leasher, so who would they eye for their fifth selection of the day, and eighth overall?

The Padres took another little-known LHP out of college named Nick Margevicius.

He pitched for Rider University, where he went 15-14 as a collegiate pitcher. He owns a 3.16 career ERA there with a 1.34 WHIP. Margevicius struck out 195 batters in 228 innings while walking 68. This past season he went 6-4 in 13 starts with a 2.81 ERA. He struck out 78 this season in 86.1 innings pitched.

A.J. Preller has to be happy with the high-upside talent he landed with his first selections. Margevicious only adds to that happiness.

Speaking of being happy, Mackenzie Gore is definitely someone to be excited about. Add in the two catchers who should progress through the system with him, and its a winning situation. Preller always has a method to his madness.

I am excited for Hozma and House, who both look very athletic and both seem like gamers. They both have the look of a ballplayer, and you can just tell that they have a desire to get better each and every day. With the proper guidance, each should progress nicely.

As for this pick, the Padres took another developed pitcher who should be able to progress fairly quickly.

Taking a look at his video, you will plainly see that he has a great arm. The video is old, but I could not find anything recent on this young man. Even though the video is a few years old, you get a sense of his delivery and motion.

The Padres scored another decent prospect who has an ability to get better over time. Margevicius doesn’t overpower his opponents, but he has shown excellent command for a 20-year-old. The Padres will work on his mechanics and perhaps they can mold him into a major leaguer. At 6′ 4 ” and 220 lbs, he has great size for a pitcher.

If the Padres are to have success in the near future they need for most of these draft choices to exhibit some growth. It is unrealistic to think all will be major leaguers, but each must work to get better. There is nothing worse than a franchise wasting time and effort on a prospect who just does not want to get better. Prospects like that drain a system and damage a coaching staff. The Padres are well aware of these type of players and have surely taken the proper steps to stay away from these future clubhouse cancers.

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