Franmil Reyes and Logan Allen reportedly dealt in 3-team trade

Mandatory Credit: Jake Roth-USA TODAY Sports

Credit: AP Photo

It is being reported that Franmil Reyes and Logan Allen have been traded to the Cleveland Indians in a three-team trade.

The San Diego Padres have reportedly dealt Logan Allen and Franmil Reyes in a trade that would ultimately net the team the #30 overall prospect in baseball, Taylor Trammel.

Trammel was a first-round pick in 2016 and currently playing at the Double-A level.

Here is a look at the trade. It is not completely official yet

The Padres are taking a pretty big risk in dealing Franmil Reyes who was loved by the fans.

Trammell brings a left-handed bat and potential centerfielder of the future, but it was a hefty price to pay.

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Eric Hartwell
Eric Hartwell
3 years ago

I think this is a very good trade for the padres. Franmil has the big pop for sure, big personality, controllability, but….. I hv to admit his D is… hmm what’s the best way to put it.. when he makes a play on a basic pop up where he’d hv to move a little, he made it look like a spectacular play due to the effort it took for him to get there. Singles hit his way where constantly being turned into a doubles, doubles into triples. To be honest I don’t see that changing for the big guy. If he drops 25 lbs, and that’s a huge if, to become a better defensive player what happens to the power profile?
Concerning personality, like his power it will b missed for sure. The Pads hv a lot of young guys coming up, and I believe their youthful enthusiasm will keep the good vibes rolling.
Concerning controllability, we hv so many players with controllability.. not too concerned.
Comparing all of this directly to Trammel, he has from what I can tell by the Futures interviews a great personality. He is a top prospect so there is a lot too like, and I do believe it puts pressure on Margot which adds to the competition (although we will have to wait in till spring training to see it)
Bottom line, we traded one great big power guy, a lefty pitcher ( we hv like 10 or 20 more) and a 3rd basemen from the rookie league ( we hv probably 15 minor leaguers and manny) for another great tools guy, primed and ready (played in 2 futures game winning an MVP in one) for a Major league invite sooner rather than later. I really believe he will b a sept call up similar to Mejia.
AT has a much higher ceiling , controllability, lefty bat, better outfield potential

Like Yates , Franmil and Logan Allen’s value is at an all time high. Cashing in now on a couple of guys for the future will always b a recipe for success. We are starting to see many of these players make their way up to the bigs this year.
Stoked for the Padres!!

3 years ago

To be honest…..just seems like same old Padres. Playing for “next year”.
Or in this case…..2022???? Trammell doesn’t help us now, next year or even 2021.
To sum it up….we traded a top 100 prospect, and a proven MLB power bat for a guy that can’t hit AA pitching. Seems about right.
Kind of reminds me of last year with the Brad Hand trade…..lets get rid of an a young dominant closer (under team control for 3 more years!!!!) and an effective middle relief pitcher for a catcher that can’t hit Major League pitching or field his position….AWESOME!!!!
Does the Cleveland front office have polaroids of AJ and the Padres front office doing something wrong????
Going back to the Joe Carter trade in the ealy 90’s to now…..I think we’ve done the Indians a favor at least 4 times in trades. You know….franchise altering trades… favor of Cleveland big time!!
The math doesn’t add up at all.
Anyone who thinks the Padres wouldn’t have a winning record right now if the Hand trade wasn’t made…..please feel free to speak up.
Further… do you keep Will “Head Case” Myers on this roster and lose the great chemistry that Franmil brought???
Myers strikes out over 40% of the time, has dropped 3 fly balls THIS YEAR, stopped running on a stolen base attempt and looks bored most of the time!!! Yep…..seems like a winning player to me!
Talk about analytics all you want…..not considering the human factor in your “Team Building” is a colossal blunder!!! And I mean epic!!!!

3 years ago

The Purloined Preller

Tanned Tom
Tanned Tom
3 years ago

Interesting move. We’re back to having Myers in LF, which might not be so bad. Reyes is a big liability in the field, and Myers is the only corner OF on the roster who could have made that running catch in the Paddack win. Perhaps Preller is finally valuing defense?
Or are they simply high on Trammell and concerned about Reyes’ defense and conditioning issues?
Trammell is a pretty good prospect, but in giving up Reyes, Allen and Nova for him, it might be there were 40 man roster considerations at play here as well.
Are they done?
If they are, this opens an OF spot for either Cordero or Jankowski.

Peter Kennedy
Peter Kennedy
3 years ago

For those who have forgotten (or never knew) how good Trammell is, here is the 2018 Future’s Game. Trammell was named MVP.

Peter Kennedy
Peter Kennedy
3 years ago
Reply to  Peter Kennedy

Here is the link to the 2018 Futures Game.

3 years ago
Reply to  Peter Kennedy

Let’s not forget that Margot was rated similarly, if not better, at a similar point. And that turned into a dud. At least Margot can play CF. Trammell is a lesser version of Margot who can’t play CF, and, even if everything goes right, is a couple of years away from helping.

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