Devils Talking Padres – Padres frustratingly split with A’s, return home to host Arizona


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The latest episode of Devils Talking Padres out! East Village Times staff writers Dominic Stearn and Bobby Murphy are here to talk about the latest in Padres baseball.

We discussed the series against the Oakland Athletics and previewed the series against the Arizona Diamondbacks.

– Intro
– Series recap against the Oakland Athletics
– We preview series against the Arizona Diamondbacks
34:33 – Wrap

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1 thought on “Devils Talking Padres – Padres frustratingly split with A’s, return home to host Arizona

  1. Too many under performing players this year. We’ve had some games where we looked like a playoff team but we’ve had more where we didn’t.

    Losing like that to the A’s and then losing a 5-0 lead to the “can’t win on the road except against SD” diamondbacks shows how far we are from truly contending. Manny strikes out four times in a row before singling. Does not drive in runs tonight. They call for him to be a gold glover but he’s a lazy infielder. He might snag a lot of hot shots and he might have a cannon for an arm but… he plays lackadaisically as a general rule. The throw from the shift tonight proves that point.

    Too many hitting under average and are not clutch. Too many pitchers not consistent. Snell, Paddock, Weathers, and Lemet have fallen on their faces. This is not a playoff team. I predict the reds will overtake us for that second wildcard spot. Too bad. AJ put a good team together.

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