Chargers Finally Sign Joey Bosa


The relief is over. What got real ugly there for a bit is in the past as the San Diego Chargers have finally signed their first round selection in the 2016 draft. Joey Bosa signed and will be practicing with the team tomorrow.

It is safe to pull out those #99 jerseys now. It really seemed liked the situation was going to get messy, but both side had a moment of clarity and the deal was completed on Monday late morning.

Bosa will get a 4-year, $25.8 million dollar deal in which he gets $17 million fully guaranteed. Not a surprise there as his salary was slotted but the two sides had many issues when it came to his bonus money and how it would be paid. They also had problems with the off-set language which helps ensure Bosa will get paid throughout his four-year deal. The clause is to protect a player in case he was dumped by the team who drafted him, but the fact Bosa was drafted third overall means he should have a productive career and the off-set language was not necessary.

The Chargers have a long extensive past when it comes to negotiating with their first round picks. The team has always drug their picks through the mud and Bosa was no different. Fans of the team were starting to get really irked at Bosa as it appeared the Chargers were finally dealing in good faith. Its all over now as the star lineman is in camp and will now be expected to contribute to this 2016 squad.


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