Chargers News: 2016 Breakout Players for the Chargers

Credit: USA TODAY Sports
Credit: USA TODAY Sports


Keenan Allen

Number one on this list is Keenan Allen. The man looked poised to have an unreal year last season but injured himself in Baltimore on the above catch for a touchdown. Through eight games (7 1/2 games if you count the injury) in 2015, Allen recorded 67 catches for 725 yards and four touchdowns. That is a pace of 130 plus catches, 1,500 yards and eight touchdowns. Allen was on an unreal pace and it really is a shame we did not get a chance to see him finish the year.

The 24-year-old Allen is not a speed burner by any means. He instead runs flawless routes and is not afraid to go over the middle. He often runs routes as the slot receiver and his fearless attitude is amazing to watch. The chemistry that he and Philip Rivers have formed is excellent as well. From the very beginning Allen and Rivers have jelled together and they are almost always on the same page when it comes to the playbook.

This will be Allen’s fourth year in the league and he is quickly gaining a reputation as a tough guy. He plays through pain and always gives 100 percent on the field. Those type of things make you popular with your teammates and at the same time help build chemistry within the unit. Allen is wise beyond his years and the Chargers might want to consider locking him up long-term in the near future.

The combination of Allen, Benjamin, Gates and Johnson give Rivers plenty of options with the ball. He should have a great year with the improved line. Injuries are always a risk in the National Football League so we will have to just hope the team is not victimized too bad. The team has great depth right now and with that, the Bolts should be okay if and when an injury takes place. Keenan Allen is a huge part of the offense, let’s hope he can stay on the field all year long.

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