Caroline Perry promoted to third-in-command for Padres

Credit: MLB.COM

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Credit: Padres

According to reports from the Coast News Group, the San Diego Padres will be announcing that Caroline Perry will be promoted to chief operating officer in 2023. 

Perry, who is the Padres’ executive vice president of business administration and general counsel, will make history. She’ll become the third-highest-ranking woman in an MLB team.

The movement of women into powerful executive roles across the MLB has seen a massive uptick in recent years. 

Catie Griggs and Caroline O’Connor were each promoted to president of business operations for the Seattle Mariners and Miami Marlins, respectively. Miami’s been a team of substantial progress, bringing in Kim Ng, the first female general manager in the major American sports. The progression of women into executive positions across baseball helps to set a trend for all sports, which can only make the sporting world better. 

The Padres have employed Perry for the last 11 seasons, managing a variety of different departments.

She dramatically increased the Padres’ success by helping to sell the team to Peter Seidler, who has dramatically improved the team through investing more. Perry has also played a role in landing the All-Star game, which came to San Diego in 2016. 

Assuming that Perry takes over the role, she’ll only report to CEO Erik Greupner and general manager A.J. Preller. She’ll play an integral role in the Padres’ efforts to try and bring their first World Series to San Diego. 

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Perry has been a corporate attorney and an asset in her past, after graduating from Stanford for her undergraduate degree and a law degree at Columbia. She’s a San Diegan native, and she returned to her childhood, as she lives in La Jolla. Her ascendance into a high-ranking position with the Padres at such a young age suggests that much more is to come from Perry.

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