A moment of resonance leads Alexander Green to SDSU

Alexander Green on his official visit to SDSU (Credit: Alexander Green)

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Alexander Green (Credit: Alexander Green)

A main feature of German sociologist Hartmut Rosa’s work centers on a phenomenon he calls “resonance.”  

“My hypothesis is this: because we, as late modern human beings, aim to make the world controllable at every level – individual, cultural, institutional, and structural – we invariably encounter the world as … a series of objects that we have to know, attain, conquer, master, or exploit,” Rosa wrote in The Uncontrollability of the World. “And precisely because of this, ‘life’ the experience of feeling alive and of truly encountering the world – that which makes resonance possible – always seems to elude us.”  

Like the wonder induced by seeing snowfall for the first time, falling in love, or connecting with a song that speaks to one’s soul, resonance is those uncommon and unpredictable moments in life where an event that from the outside appears ordinary connects to an individual or group in an extraordinary way.  

Last Saturday, a moment of resonance occurred on a nighttime dinner cruise in the San Diego Bay. SDSU’s staff took 15 high schoolers and their families to see America’s Finest City from a unique perspective. What happened next will be remembered for a long time by those in attendance.

“Later in the evening, when we got on the boat, I don’t know what it was, there was this crazy energy,” Palo Verde High School LB Alexander Green told EVT on Monday. “So many people were just like, ‘I’m ready. I’m committing.’ … I don’t really know how to explain it.”

Credit: Alexander Green

Every detail of an official visit is meticulously planned. After arriving on Friday, the recruits were brought to campus on Saturday morning for a health screening. There, they were given a piece of paper to write down their names, high schools, and some of their accolades. 

Next, they were ushered into an auditorium where SDSU’s current team was gathered. LB Owen Chambliss, Green’s player-host, used the info Green had jotted down to introduce him. As Chambliss read the Las Vegas LB’s accomplishments, the team cheered. The praise turned to a chorus of boos when Chambliss told his teammates that Green was uncommitted.   

Later that night, SDSU’s staff took the recruits on the dinner cruise. During the evening, one recruit stood up and announced his commitment, and the boat erupted in celebration. Another high schooler followed, and another. 

Green took his mom to the front of the boat, talked over his decision, and approached Chambliss. The recruits could not announce their decision. That privilege was left to their hosts. Chambliss grabbed the mic, and the music fell. 

“We got another one,” Chambliss exclaimed. Alexander Green had decided to be an Aztec. He made the pledge public on Tuesday. 

There is little doubt that head coach Sean Lewis and his staff would love to recreate the magic that took place last weekend. Like trying to grab water, however, the harder you squeeze, the more resonance slips from your hands. 

What took place on Saturday was not the norm. It can’t even be an expectation moving forward. It is the hope of what can occur at the intersection between the controllable and uncontrollable.

The dinner cruise was a culmination of years of hard work and dedication for the athletes gathered, eight of which have made their decisions public. Their reasons for choosing SDSU were personal and went far beyond that evening of resonance on San Diego Bay.  

“Honestly, the career I want to do after football,” Green replied when asked why he chose SDSU. “I want to do something in cyber security, own my own private security business. I was able to speak with former players who have gone through the exact program that I’d be doing. Hearing about the connections they had and the opportunities they had being in the city, and the people that were able to help them, that was a really great thing to hear.”

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(Credit: Alexander Green)

Green chose the Aztecs over conference rival Fresno State. SDSU is getting a terrific, downhill linebacker with the speed to play sideline to sideline. 

“Alexander is a tremendous young man,” Palo Verde head coach Joe Aznarez told EVT. “He is an exceptional student, and his ability to learn in the classroom translates to his ability to recognize and respond in the field. Alexander is a “one-time” player, meaning he understands concepts and coaching after being taught after the first time.” 

“Alexander has an outgoing personality off the field. He enjoys being a kid and is well-received amongst the various groups within the team as well as on campus. … We have big expectations for Alex this season. In addition to playing linebacker for us, we’ll also be looking to use him at running back at times. Alex is a versatile athlete and will continue to be the anchor of our defense.”

Should Green have the year Aznarez expects, other colleges will try and enter his recruiting mix. With unlimited transfers, student-athletes are never bound to their school. In Green’s case, he has a proven track record of loyalty that suggests his pledge to SDSU is firm. 

Palo Verde has not had a winning season since Green stepped on campus. When asked what his goals were for next year, Green replied that he wanted Palo Verde to have a record better than .500. Palo Verde went 5-5 in 2023 and 5-6 in 2022. 

Max Preps 2023 National Champion Bishop Gorman is less than 10 miles from Green’s high school. Unlike many top athletes, Green did not leave his school to partner with the area’s best athletes seeking championships. He stayed to build a winner with the players he grew up with.

“These are my boys,” Green said on why he didn’t transfer during high school. “These are not just my teammates, they’re my brothers. I have classes with them. I hang out with them outside of school. I work with them. We have a really good relationship all the way across. Great things stick out with them; it’s been great playing with them the last couple of years.”

Moments of resonance occur less frequently than desired but enough to give context and color to daily life. Sometimes, they take place at an opportune moment to grant clarity for major decisions. 

On a boat in San Diego Bay, Alexander Green experienced life at its fullest. It led him to commit to the Aztecs.  

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  1. Paul first and foremost thanks for a GREAT article! Young Mr. Green seems to be a player from another era his word means something.

  2. What a great story and a solid boost for SDSU! Thinking outside the box is what the new coaching staff is doing!
    That city is begging for SDSU football to succeed!
    Its ideas and actions like this that make me think the school is turning the corner!!

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