A.J. Preller stacking Padres’ trade chips

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The San Diego Padres have a stacked farm system, and there will surely be a prospect or two moved this winter.

With Rule-5 issues looming, there will be no other choice than to relocate players.

Here is a look at some of the prospects who could be dangled in trade talks. These players have value while at the same time, more established men are ahead of them on the depth charts. It is a numbers crunch at this point for A.J. Preller and his staff.

Minor League level

Austin Allen

Allen has looked solid in his brief time with the Padres this past season. His defense is no longer an issue, and he has a mighty left-handed bat. With Austin Hedges and Francisco Mejia ahead of him on the roster, he will need a trade to get consistent at-bats moving forward. The Padres seem inclined to keep both Hedges and Mejia, and that leaves Allen as a severe threat to be dealt by the team. The Padres have Luis Torrens and Luis Campusano in the minors behind him in the depth charts, as well. A trade of a catcher seems very likely.

Ronald Bolanos

Topping out at 99 mph this season in Amarillo, Bolanos has undoubtedly emerged as a relevant prospect. He has a vast assortment of offspeed pitches and has slowly been more dependable with his control. If he can pound the strike zone and continue to show an upper 90’s fastball, there is no reason to believe he cannot be successful at the major league level. The depth on the team is what makes this Cuban pitcher available. He is ready for service time now, and the Padres are loaded with pitchers who are capable of starting a game.

Adrian Morejon

The Padres have taken it slow with Morejon in terms of innings pitched. The team did rush his service time, though. Making his debut this season in San Diego, Morejon showed a high fastball and an understanding of how to pitch at a very young age. The 20-year-old Cuban was shut down a few times in the year and also started the 2019 season late. He is currently throwing in the AFL and looks to be healthy. With so much pitching in the Padres’ system, Morejon could find himself as a headliner in a trade package.

Owen Miller

There is a lot to like about Owen Miller, who just quietly goes about his business. The right-handed hitter is very dependable with the bat and slashes the ball to all fields with a short, compact stroke. His power is developing, but he will likely never be a huge power threat. He can play all over the infield, but the Padres are loaded with infield talent at both the major league level and throughout the minor leagues. Miller is getting close to being ready and could be dangled as trade bait as long as he continues to progress in his game.

Credit: John Moore

Hudson Potts

Spending time at second base has boosted his value slightly, but the power hitter is a prototypical slugging third baseman. With Manny Machado on the roster, Potts will play where he can moving forward. He barrels the ball up well but can get out of whack with his swing when he chases out of the zone. There is a lot to like about his upside, and he is still only 20 years of age. The Padres will continue to allow him to progress slowly. If he can put it all together, Hudson Potts has a great value to him.

Michael Gettys

There are plenty of tools with Michael Gettys, but he still cannot make consistent contact. He shows plus power and great defensive skill with the glove that should get him to the majors eventually. He quietly hit 31 homers this season in the PCL and stole 14 bases. The right-handed hitter also struck out 168 times and only walked 33 times in 507 at-bats. With Edward Olivares and Buddy Reed right behind him, he is turning out to be a decent trade chip. If a team can unlock his swing, he still has value in the game.

Gabriel Arias

The Padres have a lot of talent at the shortstop position throughout the minor leagues. Then there is Fernando Tatis Jr., Luis Urias, and Manny Manchado at the Major League level, Arias will have a hard time sticking with San Diego, and for this reason, he will be probably be utilized as a trade chip. Defensively, Gabe Arias is extraordinary as he flashes a Gold Glove-caliber glove. The right-handed hitter is showing increased power but does have a strikeout issue that needs to be resolved. Arias is a decent prospect who will attract many teams.

Edward Olivares

The San Diego Padres have some right-handed options in the outfield currently, and that has kept Olivares in the minors so far. He is also inexperienced at the higher levels of the minor leagues, though he had a very productive 2019 season with the Amarillo Sod Poodles. The 23-year-old Venezuelan put up a .801 OPS in 127 games. He stole 35 bases and slugged 18 homers on the season, showing a great power-speed combination. Olivares is on the 40-man and very close to being Major League ready.

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James Clark
James was born and raised in America's Finest City. He is a passionate baseball fan with even more passion towards his hometown Padres. Editor-In-Chief of EastVillageTimes.com. Always striving to bring you the highest quality in San Diego Sports News. Original content, with original ideas, that's our motto. Enjoy.

16 thoughts on “A.J. Preller stacking Padres’ trade chips

  1. This is a make or break off season for Preller. He’s been horrible putting together a quality team the last 5 years. Now he has a chance to trade prospects to build a contender. The Tingler hire was a mistake imo but a manager is only as good as his players. AJ needs to get it right or he needs to be fired.

  2. This thread is full of idiots it’s so hard to read. Preller got tatis jr. and machado. Times have never been so good as a padre fan and you all want to throw it away because of a few bad rebuilding years. News flash San Diego is not New York or la. Be great full for this awesome time to be a fan because years of mediocrity are expected in such a small market, and to have 2 superstars on this team for the foreseeable future is something we’ve never had even in our best tony Gwynn days (RIP the greatest person ever). So please RELAX and let preller do his thing and just enjoy being a fan of a future competitive team and stop bitching. You want jedd hoyer back?????

  3. Guys preller has turned this franchise around just like everywhere he has been. Richard’s will be a top 10 pitcher in this leauge. Ian Kinsler was a good move that didnt work out but he has been a great player his entire career. You guys no nothing of Baseball, preller has made this team relevant again

  4. With today’s hire of Tingler, it appears pretty obvious what’s to come: sit on young talent and develop from within for the long run as opposed to selling off many pieces to acquire veterans. This is not a move that signifies big acquisitions from elsewhere to win now. I’m neither supporting or attacking such a move. We may sign FA front of rotation pieces or make 40-man friendly moves. But, I don’t see this team as “trading to get there”.

    What little I have read on the new manager shows he’s a developer. That’s what we need somewhere in the organization. Hopefully, he has the managerial chops. I’m sure he’s a great hire but had hoped we’d get a proven winner. Probably takes two to tango though.

    A few bonus thoughts. Lol.
    *IF Mejia is our catcher going forward, Hedges is an ideal complement for the foreseeable future. Hedges’s bat has become a liability as a starter, but you couldn’t build a better double-switch catcher to close out games from the 7th on. Is Mejia a 120 game starter now or no? That’s the key decision.
    *Renfroe and Cordero’s health is of utmost importance in deciding on their futures. Medical staff need to make a call on the odds they’re healthy. Both could be core members of a great run or… something far less.
    *In 2019, Urias should have played at 2nd base if we’re keeping him…shortstop if we’re trading him… I don’t think it’s difficult to see what’s happening here.
    *I defended Hosmer fiercely in April-May. He rebounded very well, but I think I’d trade him now to get an arm. Myers needs to be a first baseman. He’ll regain value there. Naylor can be a pinch hitter/sub at that spot if Will plays a corner outfielder at times.
    *Would teams in NYY and Boston, dying to get under the cap while adding key needs, swap a better fitting big contract? What about a Myers-Hosmer-Kinsler-Richards package for a package centered on Stanton-Severino? Low cost ace and redistribution of salary. How about a Myers-Hosmer-Kinsler-Richards package for a Sale-Benintendi (preferred) or Price-Benintendi package. Both would have to be “medical”-proof. Either way, you’re looking at about $170 M in the outgoing column but roughly $50 M next season alone. Even in the Yankees scenario, one could argue we’re getting more “value” from $36.5 we’d pay Stanton-Severino. Then, they can part out pieces and sign Gerrit Cole (and others), and we can sign Strasburg. Why not pit Boston and NYY against each other…best deal wins? Both can use a first basemen of Hosmer’s pedigree. Both can find a role for Wil, and the other pieces are to help us make a deal. We can find replacement value at first and other positions relatively easily, and a large package could help our 40 Man concerns. In the future, Stanton can be a DH in the AL is 4-5 years in another, inevitable bad contract swap.

    This GMing thing ain’t that hard, boys. Lol.

  5. Trade chips for the Padres? For who; a GM who has proven he can’t trade with anyone unless it’s Cleveland and then allow himself to be fleeced? The Marlins and Red Sox don’t trust Preller and won’t do business with him. You think other teams don’t know that Preller is a dishonest individual? But the people I blame the most are Seidler and Fowler. The Padres have owners who mean well but they making a terrible decision in allowing Preller to stay in town. FIVE years of his leadership is quite enough. You know “who” is happy? The Dodgers as they look south and laugh. Not only do the Dodgers have $$$, they have brains – lots of brains. Once upon a time, Kevin Towers could beat them with his decisions, trades and moxy. But the Padres don’t have KT leading the team any longer. Memo to Seidler and Fowler; there’s still time to “right the ship” and bring someone in who knows what the heck he is doing.

    1. The Marlins and Red Sox traded the Padres three pitchers who needed Tommy John surgery (one of them needing it twice)! Preller doesn’t trust THEM! Preller won’t do business with THEM!

  6. The Padres continue to keep chopping the the team up with trades…and never find any level of consistency….a good farm program means nothing right now..i have heard about the “great farm system” for years…and all of the good prospects who became good players…have been traded to other teams..stop skimping…pay a manager who has a proven track record…what he is worth…and let him put a consistent lineup on the field….and stop trading away the good prospects to other teams…

  7. Who says there will be trades? All the Padres need is a new, dynamic manager and a free agent starter. The Padres signed the top free agent in each of the last two years, so expect either Gerritt Cole or Stephen Strasburg (if he opts out – and why wouldn’t he, to get to pitch for his hometown team?), or maybe Bumgarner as a fallback if the Angels throw money at Cole and Strasburg stays in DC.

    The current team underperformed offensively, by swinging for the fences instead of going with the pitch, cutting down their swings with two strikes, and trying to just put the ball in play. Last year only Detroit had more strikeouts, and they lost 114 games! A dynamic manager might have to set up a game show in the clubhouse called, “Are You Smarter Than A Little Leaguer?” to put a stop to that.

  8. great rundown! I am intrigued with both Gabriel Arias and Luis Almanzar. Fernando Tatis is on track to be a superstar…however…I quietly fear that he is major injury waiting to happen. Sliding headfirst into home? His aggressive style of play is to be admired, but to have and keep both Arias and Almanzar training and gaining experience could be the best insurance for the Padre system. I also look into the crystal ball and see Xavier Edwards hitting leadoff and starring at 2B…

  9. The Padres ownership needs to strike now in its managerial search. I would hate to see the inevitable comparison with the “Judases” up north in terms of a lack of winning with an ownership group willing to let things get stagnant by sitting pat on the player front and still not striking gold on the managerial front. As a lifelong San Diego fan, I’m ready for a winner…hopefully before I die or get too sick to attend games. Let’s adjudicate our current talent correctly and bring in guys with the hunger to win NOW!

  10. Interesting list, by that I mean whos on it and who isnt. Is this your opinion or do you know more than is public? There is a host of bullpen arms in upper minors that are rule 5 eligible in Megill, Radke, Miller, Ashbeck, and Rodriguez. Nothing to headline a deal but could supplement one. Suprised to not see Austin Hedges. As good as he is behind the plate, their lineup doesn’t hit well enough to absorb his absent bat. In the right lineup, Austin could be a value for someone. No Margot Are you really good with sending away the most complete OF the Pads have, and for what? I by no means think Hunter is flawless but you almost have to roll with him if they are even entertaining giving Wil away. Franchy would be selling low on back to back lost seasons to injury without having the reps to prove the winter leauge success wasnt a fluke. He could be that LH bat that is a priority this offseason.
    Morejon is injured again and barely on the top 100. No Baez on here.? He clearly has the better track record to Morejon and has to be an arm to build a deal around. Which goes into the fringe young starters with control and upside. Osvaldo Hernandez, Ronald Bolanos, Emmanuel Ramirez, Reggie Lawson showing well in his limited inn. in the AFL, Efrain Contreras, Ryan Weathers, Omar Cruz. The same can be said for the middle infield guys. Do they stay with Urias and hire Ron Washington to “Albies” him and move a Miller, Edwards, or Abrams? Rule 5 eligible pieces like Esteury Ruiz, and Eugy Rosario? or high upside blocked talent which you list like Gabriel Arias.

    Good thoughts, but I dont think you have all the pieces on here that could be in play. In my mind its more important the ones they decide to keep. Gore, Patino, Cantillo, Cruz, Edwards, Torrens, Oliveres and Trammel need to be Padres.

  11. Most of these players are unproven, second-tier prospects in the Padres system. I doubt they would headline any major trade. If we want to get a major talent in return, we need to look at the Padres’ top 100 guys. I doubt we get a TOR pitcher without dealing a Patino, an Abrams, an Edwards, or a Campusano.

    Also, Gettys isn’t a serious trade chip. He was made available in the rule 5 last year, and will be made available again. He’s a gifted athlete, but his hit tool isn’t major league level, and everyone knows it. I’d love for him to prove me wrong, but he hasn’t done so the past two seasons.

    1. You sound like the national media. You cant have it both ways. Either the Pads have a top farm system because of their incredible depth throughout the system or they dont and only three to four players are worth targeting. I tend to believe the former. Luis Patino and Luis Campusano were also unproven until they arrived and advanced. You mean to tell me Joey Cantillo, Omar Cruz, Tucupita Mercano, and Owen Miller cant? AJ has to pick the right guys to move and believe in the ones his Front Office has selected to be future Padres. How that plays out is gona be the difference in the Pads actually opening this window we have been hearing about for the last 3 seasons.

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James Clark
James was born and raised in America's Finest City. He is a passionate baseball fan with even more passion towards his hometown Padres. Editor-In-Chief of EastVillageTimes.com. Always striving to bring you the highest quality in San Diego Sports News. Original content, with original ideas, that's our motto. Enjoy.